Military School For Troubled Teens

When traditional schools aren't working out for your troubled teen, many parents don't know where to turn. there are specialized schools that provide professional help for teens who are being rebellious, disrespectful, aggressive and behaving badly--military school. Military schools are different today than they were in the last century, in that they blend strict discipline with therapy and recreation activities to take a more holistic approach to helping troubled teens find their way.

What is Military School?

Military schools are residential treatment facilities designed to help teens get back in control of their lives by instilling discipline, correcting bad behavior, boosting self-esteem, building healthy relationships and getting therapy for underlying issues. Military schools aren't necessarily affiliated with the military, but rather the name describes the structured approach to daily life and the behavior modification activities that troubled teens will participate in.

Who Can Attend Military School?

When it comes to finding the right program for troubled teenage boys, military schools may be what worried parents are looking for. Man parents wonder if their teenager would fit into a military school or whether the program would help their particular disorder.

Some of the more common challenges that teenage boys struggle with include:

  • Aggression and anger
  • Lying
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Substance abuse
  • Learning disabilities
  • Abuse trauma

Teenage boys who are exhibiting these kinds of behaviors or have received an official diagnosis from a doctor could benefit from spending time at a military boot camp. for boys may provide the discipline and structure he needs.

What is Military School Like?

Military schools for troubled teens operate similarly to other teen help facilities like therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers and other long-term, live-in programs. These facilities are designed to remove teens from their current negative environment and put them in a safe and secure place where they can start the healing process.

Military schools often promote high adventure activities blended with strict adherence to academics. Group and individual therapy is conducted by licensed professional therapists and helps teens overcome their deeper issues that may be causing the bad behavior. Military schools are perfect for troubled teens who would benefit from behavior modification programs and need to learn a healthy way to face life's challenges.

When parents realize their teenage sons need professional help, beyond what they can provide at home, residential treatment programs like military schools with a therapeutic component may be the answer. Whether it’s military boot camp, a working ranch for troubled youth, wilderness camp, residential treatment center, therapeutic boarding school or other program, troubled teen will be better off than where they are now.

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