Military Schools in Arkansas for Troubled Teens

It can be difficult and emotionally draining to parent a troubled teen, especially when his needs surpass your ability to help. Although the idea can be intimidating, the best option sometimes is to place him in a temporary therapeutic environment, where he can get the full time help he needs. While most parents start out by looking into military schools in Arkansas, they may not be aware that an option a little further from home might actually be more effective.

We have found that many teens attending a program in a more outside environment thrive more for several reasons. Some of these include:

  • The opportunity to immerse themselves in challenging surroundings where they can learn new coping skills and start over fresh without the burden of old triggers and negative associations.
  • Full time therapeutic programs offer teens and their parent(s) a valuable chance to take a temporary step away from each other while they deal with their own personal challenges. Distance can be helpful when rebuilding your relationship and difficult to achieve with unavoidable daily interaction.
  • Rehabilitation programs allow emotionally exhausted parents a time of respite while their son resides in a safe and helpful environment where he is coached on repairing important relationships and achieving his highest potential.

Why Do Other Parents From Arkansas Trust Liahona Academy With Their Troubled Teens?

These are a few reasons why parents have been choosing Liahona Academy instead of a military school in Arkansas to help their sons for over 15 years. Located in the colorful deserts of southern Utah, Liahona Academy is ideally placed to help boys learn to balance all the areas of their lives through a combination of therapy, academics and healthy play. Boys who attend Liahona Academy overcome their challenges and gain the skills to make better choices in the future. Some of the other benefits of our facility include:

  • A personalized treatment plan for each teen based on a thorough assessment right after they arrive.
  • Classes that are academically accredited, so your son can keep up with his class at home. Out teachers also help students repair previous grades and develop good study habits.
  • A wide variety of therapy modalities that include hands on opportunities that particularly appeal to the learning style of adolescents.
  • Group and individual therapy so teens can explore and identify their personal issues and challenges while also learning from and supporting their peers.
  • A location in Utah, which is the most highly sought after state in the country for its teen help programs because the laws and regulations are so comprehensive.

If you are like many parents, you may be feeling discouraged that the efforts you have made to help your son haven’t been effective. It may help you to know that some teens are incapable of making positive changes while they are at the mercy of negative social groups and the triggers that come with home and school. We provide an environment that is safe, structured and specifically designed to help troubled teen boys explore their issues, become accountable for their actions, learn proper communication and develop the skills they need to cope with future issues.

Please watch this short video that will show you why the program at Liahona Academy can give your son a better chance than a military school in Arkansas. We are aware that you are going through an emotional and difficult time. We are committed to helping you, as well as your son, navigate the process.


Liahona Academy Has Helped Hundreds Of Troubled Boys Thrive And Can Help Your Son Too

As you can see, Liahona Academy’s first priority is helping your son turn his life around and become the confident young man that you know he is. We are devoted to helping each of the boys in our care discover their potential and become better. We are confident that there is no such thing as a lost cause when it comes to struggling teens. Our experience, dedication and carefully crafted environment can give your boy the boost he needs to turn his life around.

Call us today at (800) 675-8101 for a free consultation to see whether our program is a good fit for your son. For twenty years, we have been helping parents in search of military schools in Arkansas discover a better environment for their son. No matter where you call home, we look forward to helping you here at Liahona Academy.

We Have Helped Families Throughout Arkansas, Including:

Little Rock, Conway, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Conway, Pine Bluff, Springdale, Rogers, Sherwood, West Memphis, Cabot, Russellville, Bella Vista, Paragould, Searcy, Van Buren, Blytheville, Siloam Springs, Harrison, Marion, Mountain Home, Bryant

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