Military Schools in California for Troubled Teens

If your troubled teenage son is defiant, angry, rebellious and making bad choices, you may think that sending him to military schools designed for troubled teenage boys is the best option. Strict discipline, harsh physical activities and lots of punishment is not the way to heal any teenager's mental health, emotional or behavioral issues. Instead, consider a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. These specialized facilities help troubled teens get healthy and transform their lives from struggling to successful. Liahona Treatment Center encourages you to avoid certain schools in California for troubled teens and look at other options that will be a much better fit.

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Why Select Liahona Treatment Center?

One benefit of attending Liahona Treatment Center is that California parents earn peace of mind knowing their troubled son is in an excellent facility with high standards. We abide by the strictest laws on the books for how teen help programs operate, and Liahona Treatment Center has managed to exceed the regulations and laws year after year. This means that our school has some of the highest standards in the country, and your teen is benefiting from that level of expertise. California is easy to access from any part of the country, but there is still enough distance that your teen son can get a fresh new start on the rest of his life.

Liahona Treatment Center is a good choice for parents in California with teenage sons. While facilities for troubled teens may curb bad behavior for a short time, a therapeutic boarding school will provide therapy, academic support and life skills to cause long-lasting change in a boy's life. Our school has an excellent staff of qualified, licensed experts who know what it takes to reach troubled boys. We believe everyone has the potential to be the best they can be and that every troubled teen deserves a second chance.

Issues For Troubled Teens Who Aren’t Attending Therapeutic Boarding Schools

When teens attend a therapeutic boarding school, they are safe and supervised, while getting therapy for their issues. However, teens that aren't getting help are often forced to participate in risky behaviors in order to deal with their own frustration, pain and confusion. Risky behaviors can jeopardize a teen's future and cause harm to themselves or others.

When teens engage in risky behaviors, unfortunate results occur. More than 33% of teens in the state use alcohol and 13% report binge drinking. When it comes to drug use, like marijuana, 22% of California teens use it. Other illegal drugs are used by 5.4%. Juvenile arrests for things like aggravated assault (94 in 2018), and larceny (264 arrests in 2018) are a rising problem. Just 82% of California teens actually graduate from high school and California ranks 46th in the country for suicide.

Schools with therapeutic programs allow teens and their parents to heal and address individual problems and concerns. Unlike California alternative schools for troubled teens, these specialized rehabilitation programs give teens a time of physical and emotional healing while living in a safe and secure place with a full time program dedicated to helping them resolve current concerns and learn to make better choices.

Options That Are Better Than Military Schools in California for Troubled Teens

Most experts agree that military schools in the state for troubled teens are not the best approach for those who struggle with emotional, mental health, and behavioral issues. Here are a few reasons why therapeutic boarding schools are a better choice for troubled teens than other options:

  • Therapy: Military schools don't have any kind of therapy program, while therapeutic schools have licensed and experienced therapists. They hold sessions as groups and as individuals frequently to help teens overcome their individual challenges.
  • Academics: Many military boot camps don't have any academics at all, and military schools are not usually equipped to deal with special education students. The most successful boarding schools have certified teachers in small classes where teens receive assistance with getting up to their proper academic level and working toward a diploma from high school.
  • Life skills: Military school may teach some life skills, like leadership, but therapeutic boarding facilities are focused on helping teens become independent and successful. Most schools hold classes and seminars on everything from cooking and budgeting to leadership and service.
  • Recreational therapy: Military schools may have some outlets for creativity and hobbies, but therapeutic boarding schools use recreation and extracurricular activities as a component of therapy. Teens can build up their self-esteem, bond with peers and mentors, and learn how to have fun.

Common challenges that trouble many teenagers today include ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar, low self-esteem, abuse trauma, substance abuse, and many more. Some parents believe that California military schools for troubled teens are the answer but in reality, boarding schools for troubled teens in California are highly desirable alternatives for parents who have done their research.

Enrolling your teen in a therapeutic school can often be a better choice than your state’s military schools for teens with issues. Teens who are attending a program in a great place that’s unique to them often thrive in the safe, structured atmosphere of a boarding school. Here, they can be free to start over with a clean slate and without the daily complications of old triggers and negative associations. Liahona Treatment Center will always be a better place for troubled teens to attend than military school.

Choose Liahona Treatment Center Over Military Schools in California for Troubled Teens

There are so many reasons why parents throughout the country have trusted Liahona Treatment Center to work with their troubled sons, rather than a military style schools in California. Liahona Treatment Center was established in 2000 and is located in the scenic deserts of southern Utah. The academy offers a program that combines therapy, recreation, academics, life skills and healthy play as a way to help each teenager balance every aspect of his life. Boys who attend Liahona Treatment Center leave with the skills to overcome all the challenges that seem to be holding him back from living up to his full potential.

We understand that the process you are going through is emotional and intimidating and we want you to know that we are here to help you. It may help to understand that the academy is ideal for troubled boys with every aspect of life’s challenges. Our first priority is helping your child turn his life around and that is something that military schools in the state of California won't focus on. We have spent over 15 years helping parents in search of the best alternative schools in California place their son in an environment that should mentor and guide him the most. Regardless of your location, we look forward to helping you today.

Please call Liahona Treatment Center at 1-855-587-1416 for a free consultation with an expert to talk about your teen son’s diagnosis and needs. We will see whether this particular program will be a good fit for the family.

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