Military Schools in Hawaii for Troubled Teens

There are lots of military schools for troubled boys in Hawaii that make big promises about changing bad behavior to model citizens. However, most of these kinds of schools cannot address teens with challenges like mental illnesses or emotional issues that interfere with normal development. When teenagers don’t have professional guidance on what to do or how to deal with problems, they can miss out on the key steps that lead them toward adulthood. Liahona Academy is a wonderful resident boarding school that guides teen boys toward success.

Avoid military schools for troubled boys in Hawaii by calling Liahona academy at 1-855-587-1416.

Wise Parents Choose Liahona Academy Over Military Schools For Troubled Teens From Hawaii

There are all kinds of teen help programs that claim to help kids deal with their problems, like boot camps, summer camps and military schools. However, they don’t have the all-encompassing programs that resident treatment centers like Liahona Academy do. Taking the first steps in helping teens is hard for parents, but they must do it in order to give them a chance at a healthy and happy adulthood. Liahona Academy operates a successful teen boarding school that welcomes teen boys with mental health problems, emotional challenges and bad behaviors.

For those who don’t know, Liahona Academy manages to inspire even the most stubborn teen boys, and the staffers know what it takes to create change in their lives. With therapy, academic support and guidance in life skills, their paths turn from a struggle to a success. Hawaii parents can see their child’s life change for the better in a place like Liahona Academy. Military schools for troubled boys in Hawaii simply don’t have the capability to take care of teens like a resident boarding school does. Liahona Academy also has some of the highest of standards thanks to strict laws in its state about operations and accountability. Hawaii parents will find the help they need for their teenage boys at Liahona Academy.

Hawaii Teenage Behavior by the Numbers

Parents in Hawaii who feel helpless when watching their sons spiral out of control should know that engaging in risky and illegal behavior is often a way of asking for help. When Hawaii teens don’t receive therapy to help them navigate through difficult times with mental illness or emotional distress, they act out hoping to mask pain and numb their fears.

Here are just a few statistics from Hawaii on teen behavior:

  • Nineteen percent of Hawaii teen boys drink before 13 years old
  • Twenty-three percent of boys in the state drank in the last month
  • Seven percent of these same teen boys have used cocaine
  • Eighty-one percent of all teens in Hawaii high schools ever graduate
  • Hawaii: ranks 29th in the nation for suicide

Only a professional therapist can help struggling teens overcome their bad feelings and turn them away from bad behavior. Parents cannot wait until it is too late and their teen harms themselves or someone else before taking action. Although it is a hard decision, Hawaii parents of troubled teen boys must take that first step and enroll their sons in a therapeutic boarding school.

Avoid Military Schools for Troubled Boys in Hawaii

Military schools for troubled boys in Hawaii will only disappoint parents and teens who attend. Military schools rely on heavy physical activities and para-military treatment to force boys to conform. This kind of program doesn’t get to the heart of any mental illnesses. Instead, it simply encourages boys to conform their behavior long enough to leave school. There’s no internal motivation to make long-term changes.

On the contrary, therapeutic boarding programs and resident treatment centers to take a more supportive and healing approach. They balance work and play, while employing caring mentors that provide guidance and support. It’s been prove to really work, and Liahona Academy has a long line of success stories.

Here are just a few of the benefits of enrolling teenage boys in Hawaii into a resident boarding program:

  • Teens get regular therapy from licensed counselors that have lots of experience with adolescents.
  • Group and individual sessions ensure teens can learn to work with their mental health issues and rise to meet life’s challenges.
  • Accredited academic programs enable teens to repair credits and earn a diploma, while being taught by certified teachers.
  • Recreation therapy gives teens a chance to grow and develop skills in programs like sports, music, equine therapy, drama, outdoor adventure activities and more.
  • Life skills are taught, from vocation training to personal hygiene and self-care, so teens can transition into adulthood.

Parents in Hawaii should not have to struggle with a wayward teen who won’t listen to their counsel. That’s why therapeutic boarding schools work so well—because teens live full-time in a structured and supportive place where their needs are addressed in a consistent and professional manner. Parents will feel a great deal of comfort knowing their teenagers are being taken care of and rehabilitated. Military schools simply don’t offer the same benefits to Hawaii teens.

Parents Trust Liahona Academy to Help Their Teens

Hawaii parents really need to focus on the best way to help their troubled teenagers, and it isn’t by enrolling them in a military school. Therapeutic resident programs are a proven way for teens with mental or emotional issues to get real help. Liahona Academy is one of the top programs in the country and the operating standards are high. Group homes for troubled teens in Hawaii can definitely be the solution to the challenges that families of today face.

Liahona Academy is happy to answer any questions that parents in Hawaii have when they call 1-855-587-1416.

Hawaii Teens From All Cities are Welcome at Liahona Academy:

Honolulu, Kailua, Kaneohe, Kapolei, Haleiwa, Mililani, Waianae, Waipahu, Pearl City, Ewa Beach, Aiea, Kahuku, Makaha, Waialua, and Kula.

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