Military Schools in Idaho for Troubled Teens

It seems that every Idaho parent who is at the end of their rope in dealing with their struggling teen boy desires to find the fastest solution possible. Unfortunately, this leads to military schools in Idaho for troubled teens, which can compound the behavior problems even more. The real answer is to look for a high quality therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center to provide a structured, safe atmosphere for Idaho teen boys. Teen struggles are real, and cannot be overcome with military school programs. Instead of making quick-fixes that rarely deliver, licensed residential treatment centers like Liahona Academy provide professional help and guidance when Idaho teens need it most.

Liahona Academy is on board and ready to help Idaho parents discover lasting solutions for their sons. Please call 1-855-587-1416.

Avoid A Military School In Idaho and Choose Liahona Academy Instead

A resident boarding school for Idaho teen boys is superior in every way to a military school. Liahona Academy provides professional staff members who are trained to work with adolescents to identify issues and work through them. A live-in school like Liahona Academy is ideal, because any negative influences that are currently present at school, home or the community disappear. Teens are able to start a new chapter that brings a focus on healing and rehabilitation. Liahona Academy is all about guiding teens through their challenges and learning how to solve problems.

Another wonderful thing about Liahona Academy is that it is an outstanding facility for teenage boys from Idaho who demonstrate mental illness issues, behavior issues and more. Parents can enroll their child in this therapeutic boarding program knowing that it adheres to the highest standards. That’s because the state where the school is has passed very strict laws that regulate teen help programs. Parents who know this feel more peace of mind knowing that Liahona Academy is one of the best programs in the country. Teen help programs in Idaho like boot camps, military schools and wilderness camps will not be able to fulfill what they promise like Liahona Academy can.

Behavior Statistics for Idaho Teenage Boys

Idaho teenagers with seemingly insurmountable challenges really do need professional help to get through it. Sometimes, weekly meetings with a counselor are simply not enough. If they aren’t getting the tools they need to overcome their issues, they will often turn to friends, self-harm and risky behavior to deal with frustration, pain and fear. Parents should never just wait around and hope that their teen boys will overcome their bad behavior on their own.

These Idaho statistics should make any parent pay attention:

  • Over 1100 juvenile arrests for crimes like drug abuse, property destruction and violence.
  • 30% of teens report using marijuana
  • Approximately 27% drink alcohol regularly, while 15% admit to binge drink.
  • Idaho is 7th in the country for adolescent suicide
  • 26th in the country for teen pregnancy
  • Over 8% of new ADHD diagnoses every year
  • Idhao has only a 78.9% statewide high school graduation rate

With teen boys, risky or negative behavior will cause long-lasting ramifications for their future. They could even harm themselves or others, and the family struggles to deal with everyone’s issues. Often, the answer is to find a resident boarding program that will provide that structure and security that teens require to figure out how to handle life’s challenges.

Why Military Schools For Troubled Teens in Idaho Are No Good

Parents who haven’t yet considered a therapeutic residential school for their child often haven’t done the research to compare the different types of programs. Military schools focus on suppressing bad behavior instead of getting to the heart of the problem. When they find out that military schools haven’t done what they promised, the families are back to square one.

Residential treatment schools really can be one of the best things for troubled Idaho teen boys with mental health issues. These kinds of schools have well-trained staff members who know how to guide struggling teens and provide the compassion and leadership they need to start charting their course for a fine future. Military schools and boot camps just aren’t equipped to deliver the same program benefits that residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools do.

Parents of Idaho teenagers might want to spend some time figuring out why therapy schools are much better than military schools:

  • There are licensed therapists who meet with teens in individual and group sessions
  • Academic support is delivered via certified teachers with a special education emphasis
  • The programs are accredited so teen boys can work toward a diploma
  • A range of recreation therapy programs that help boost self-esteem, like drama, outdoor recreation, equine therapy, sports, and more.
  • Life skills lessons that teach teens the basics on hygiene, budgeting, chores, laundry, and more.
  • Top-notch transition programs to bridge the gap between life at school and life with family again.

When it comes to the differences between military schools and therapy resident schools like Liahona Academy, there’s little reason for parents to consider the former. Quality programs and the teen’s well-being should always be an Idaho parent’s first choice. The biggest difference is that the steps outlined in a residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school will lead teens to long-term healing instead of short-term compliance. Liahona Academy is definitely the better choice over military schools for troubled teens in Idaho.

Liahona Academy is the Best Choice for Idaho Teens

Idaho teens with a serious need for professional help in a controlled setting will really thrive at a licensed residential treatment center like Liahona Academy. There are all kinds of wonderful success stories that will inspire parents and teens alike. Instead of choosing a military school, Idaho parents need to do the hard research and discover why so many other people are choosing Liahona. Besides the breathtaking location, top staff, amazing program and proven success rate, Liahona Academy is focused on healing kids from all walks of life.

If Idaho parents have any questions or concerns about the Liahona Academy program, they are welcome to call for more information at 1-855-587-1416.

Troubled Teens From Idaho Cities Like These Can Attend Liahona Academy:

Meridian, Boise, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Meridian, American Falls, Preston, Rexburg, Nampa, Caldwell, Coeur d’Alene, Lewiston, Moscow and Twin Falls.

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