Military Schools in Illinois for Troubled Teens

Parenting a troubled teenager involves diligence and patience. When you have exhausted all of your personal resources trying to help your struggling teen heal, it may be time to look into a full time therapeutic option. Many parents start the process by looking at military schools in Illinois, however, we have found that many teens show greater improvement in an outside environment.  Some of the reasons include :

·         The opportunity to spend every day in new and challenging surroundings among trained counselors and empathetic peers. Boys can work on making positive changes free of old triggers and negative associations.    

·        Full time therapeutic programs allow teens and their parent(s) to temporarily step away from their daily routine while they each focus on their individual challenges. Re-laying the foundation for rebuilding your relationship can be aided by healthy distance, which can be nearly impossible to achieve in the same household.

·         Rehabilitation programs allow physical and emotional respite for parents who can rest easy knowing that their son is safely residing in an environment dedicated to helping him achieve his highest potential.     

Parents throughout the country have been trusting Liahona Academy to help their sons more than a military school in Illinois for over 15 years. Located in southern Utah, Liahona Academy’s accredited program offers a healthy combination of therapy, academics and outdoor play. Residents focus on overcoming their unique challenges while gaining the skills they need in order to make better choices.   

Please watch this short video which will show you why the program at Liahona Academy is more likely to help your son succeed than a military school in Illinois. We understand that this is a difficult and emotional situation and we are here to help you navigate it as painlessly as possible.

As you can see, Liahona Academy’s first priority is helping your son become the confident and healthy young man you know he is. Please, call us today at (800) 675-8101 for a free consultation to discuss the needs of your son and potential enrollment. We have been helping families find a better option than a military school in Illinois for over 15 years. No matter where you are located, we know we can help you too.

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