Military Schools in Mississippi for Troubled Teens

Once you have determined that a full time rehabilitation facility is the best option to help your troubled teen, you must then select one that fits your son’s needs. While many parents assume they are limited to options such as military schools in Mississippi, we have found that teens are more successful when they attend a program in another state. Some of the reasons for this are:

·         New and challenging atmosphere where teens are no longer at the mercy of old triggers and negative associations. Boys are able to make positive changes with the benefit of a clean slate and unique surroundings.   

·        A chance for teens and their parents to take a physical and emotional break from each other to concentrate on personal challenges and good communication skills. While a supervised separation is extremely helpful when reestablishing the relationship, it can be hard to achieve effectively when both parties are forced to live and interact in the same household.   

·         Rehabilitation programs give exhausted parents a time of respite while their son is encouraged and supported in an environment that is devoted to helping him improve and get his life back on track.  

Since 2001, Liahona Academy has helped thousands of parents looking for a military school in Mississippi find a better therapeutic option for their son. Located in southern Utah, Liahona Academy’s renowned program includes daily therapy, academic help and a variety of healthy outdoor activities. Teens attending Liahona Academy are able to work individually with trained and experienced staff in order to design a plan of care that will help them overcome their challenges and cater to their unique needs.  

This short video will detail how the program at Liahona Academy is more likely to offer your son a chance of success than a military school in Mississippi. We understand that this is an emotional and intimidating time for you and our goal is to guide you securely through the process.

As you can see, Liahona Academy’s first priority is to help you and your son find a solution for any challenges he is facing. Call us today at (800) 675-8101 for a free consultation to discuss your son’s needs and the ways our facility can benefit him more than military schools in Mississippi. We have already helped thousands of families and we look forward to helping you today.

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