Military Schools in North Carolina for Troubled Teens

Parents raising a troubled teen may not be sure where to turn once it becomes clear that their child needs more help than they are able to provide at home. While many parents turn first to boot camps and military schools in North Carolina, they may not be looking at the most effective options. We have found that when teens attend a program that is further from their usual environment, they show greater improvement. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • Surroundings that are both new and challenging where teens are able to step out of the mold they have made for themselves. Each boy gets a chance to start over with a clean slate and less confusion from old triggers and negative associations.
  • Full time therapy programs allow parents and teens to take a temporary and healthy break from each other. While they are spending some time apart, each family member is able to focus on making the changes necessary to rebuild the relationship. When it is managed in a structured way, distance can be helpful, but it is difficult to attain when living in the same household.
    Here are some statistics that demonstrate what teens in North Carolina face:

    • 16 percent of North Carolina teen boys admit to drinking before 13
    • 12 percent of teens in North Carolina say they have tried binge drinking
    • 37 percent of boys in the state use marijuana regularly
    • According to The U.S. Department of Education, 85% of North Carolina teens graduated in the 2014-2015 year.
    • North Carolina is 37th in suicide and a leading cause of death for individuals 15-24.
  • Rehabilitation programs also offer respite for emotionally exhausted parents. While parents and family members regain their equilibrium, they can rest knowing that their son is safe and secure in an environment that is dedicated to helping him turn his life around and prepare to fix his important relationships.

For 20 years, parents in search of a military school in North Carolina have ended up turning to Liahona Academy. Located in southern Utah, Liahona Academy has gained a reputation for excellence and success. Boys attending Liahona Academy are immersed in a program combining therapy, academics and healthy play in order to overcome their challenges and learn to create a healthy balance in their lives.

This short video will explain why the unique program at Liahona Academy is more likely to help your son succeed than any you might find in North Carolina. You are going through a difficult and emotional situation and we are here to help you get through it.

As you can see, Liahona Academy is passionate about helping boys with every kind of challenge to become their best selves. Please call us today at (800) 675-8101 for a free consultation to discuss your concerns for your son and how our program might benefit him. We have already helped thousands of families searching for military schools in North Carolina find a better therapeutic program for their son. We are confident that we can help you too, no matter where you are located.

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