Millennials Could Learn A Lot From Some Time At Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

Millennials include those born in the early 2000s making many of them in their teen year right now. It's a diverse generation with several identifying features. Of course not every person assumes every label and characteristic that has been applied to the millennial generation, but as a whole, some of them definitely apply to a lot of them.

Many of these millennial characteristics are positive, such as being confident and tolerant of people's differences. However, other personality features leave a lot to be desired. In other words, millennials with behavior issues could learn a lot from some time at boarding schools for troubled teens.

Here are 3 traits that troubled teen millennials frequently possess that could be improved with time at a boarding school for troubled youth:

1. Too Plugged In

The millennial generation is the first one to have known the internet their whole lives and have never been without some kind of electronic device for games, communication and more. The lives of millennial teens are filled with electronics and interacting with the world this way is just a part of everyday life. In a boarding school for troubled teens, there are few to no electronic devices allowed. This allows teens to develop face-to-face relationships and step away from the pressures of online activity.

2. Too Entitled

The millennial generation is said to have been raised with a sense of entitlement, meaning that they expect good things to happen all the time and that someone will take care of any problems. They expect the world to treat them exceptionally and when it does not, they are unsure how to handle it and may develop unrealistic expectations. In worst cases, it translates to millennials as unable or unwilling to work through challenges. In a boarding school for troubled teens, they are taught how to set and achieve realistic goals and the coping skills needed to overcome the inevitable setbacks that life has to offer.

3. Too Dependent

One of the key characteristics of millennials is that they have been raised by ever-present and over-encouraging parents who put lots of pressure on teens to meet certain levels of success in the parent's way, rather than the teen's way. Millennial teens have often been shielded from hard work, conflict, and doing things for themselves, because parents take care of it all. Unrealistic expectations about how to work, play and learn can lead to disappointment and failure to launch. At therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens, kids learn all kinds of life lessons, job skills, and can discover their inner strength which will lead to more independence and success as they transition to adulthood.

There are a lot of good things about the millennial generation that will take today's teens far into the future. By turning their weaknesses into strengths, the troubled teens who successfully complete boarding school can be happier and healthier throughout their lives.

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