Obesity & Eating Disorders for Boys

Boys that are suffering from eating disorders or obesity need help and treatment immediately not only do they have a long lasting impact or long term effects but they can be dangerous and fatal. Liahona Academy serves and treats troubled boys with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, obesity and binge eating. Obesity and Eating Disorders with Troubled Boys

We provide therapeutic treatment and behavior modification to troubled boys that struggle with behavioral issues, emotional issues, addictions, and family problems as well as eating disorders. If you are a parent looking for help for your adolescent please call Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416.

Boys often think they are invincible and can take on the world, this becomes one of the many downfalls of eating disorders in youth today. Boys that suffer from eating disorders do not realize or do not believe that there are long-term effects of eating disorders on their bodies.

Troubled Boys and Obesity

Troubled boys with eating disorders often ignore or minimize the significance of their physical problems, even with multiple or frequent trips to the emergency room or doctors.

These trips can even be life threatening. Four main eating disorders parents should worry about with their troubled boys are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, obesity and binge-eating disorder. Aside from the medical complications, obesity is also linked to psychosocial problems such as low self-esteem, discrimination, difficulty finding employment, and reduced quality of life.

Eating Disorders and Symptoms for Boys

Anorexia nervosa - self starving because of the desire to keep an unrealistic or unhealthy self-image. Underweight, dizziness or fainting, brittle nails, hair thinning or falling out, refusal to eat, excessive exercise, and denial of hunger.

Bulimia nervosa - consuming large amounts of food, then “ridding themselves” of it, purging. Damaged teeth and gums, sores in mouth, constant dieting, eating in secret, self-induced vomiting, laxative use, frequent bathroom trips after eating.

Obesity - High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, breathing problems or disorders, and joint pain (in the knees or lower back)

Binge-eating disorder - compulsively overeating thousands of calories in a short period of time, often in secret. 

As a parent you may be thinking “What is causing my child to have an eating disorder?” truth is no one can really state with certainty what causes eating disorders like obesity or anorexia among adolescents. Possible causes of eating disorders in troubled boys include genetics and biology, psychological and emotional conditions, cultural and social issues (popular media).

It is important to find help and treatment for troubled boys with eating disorders as soon as possible, they have long term effects and can be fatal. Please call Liahona Academy if your troubled boy is suffering from an eating disorder or other related issues, 855-587-1416.

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