Personality Disorders in Teenagers


Personality disorders in teenagers are defined by rigid behaviors and inflexible attitudes. Teenagers who suffer from personality disorders generally have a hard time coping with the changes and demands that are an inevitable part of life. Most teens with personality disorders either don't know that their behavior isn't normal or have a hard time understanding why they act the way they do. Liahona Academy can help families and teenagers that are suffering from the effects of personality disorders. Call our representatives today at 1-855-587-1416 for advice and help.

Understanding Personality Disorders in Teenagers

Personality disorders in teenagers effect not only the teen struggling, but those that surround them including family, friends, teachers, etc. These individuals also struggle with finding ways to cope
with the outcome of a personality disorder. Teenagers that suffer from personality disorders have an inflexible pattern of thinking and relating to situations that it makes it difficult to engage in social activities and function as a teenager. They tend to have a very narrow view of the world because they genuinely believe that their behavior patterns are “normal” or “right”. Personality disorders often prevent teens from having normal, interpersonal relationships, jobs, and school relationships because they are unable to respond to change in a healthy and civilized way. Personality disorders in teenagers include paranoid personality, schiziod personality, schizotypal personality, histrionic personality, narcissistic personality and antisocial personality.

Unfortunately, for teenagers that cannot keep their behaviors under control, life long treatment is needed. Though these disorders can cause major problems, they are manageable and treatable mental illnesses. This can be done through regular consultation and monitoring with professionals that can establish the correct way to delicately serve these teens and give them the best treatment necessary to their situation.

Liahona Academy Provides Therapeutic Programs for Teens With Personality Disorders

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that has helped teenagers, suffering from personality disorders, develop beneficial skills and talents. Though we cannot fully treat individuals struggling with these disorders, the therapeutic programs provided can help in them in finding healthy ways to manage stress and engage in meaningful, safe activities. We assist troubled teenagers in finding joy in life and reasons to continue on through their trials. Liahona Academy also provides hope to families and friends of teenagers struggling with personality disorders. We understand the difficult positions these individuals find themselves in and we are here to help. Call Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416 to receive more information about personality disorders in teenagers and help for families.

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