Preparing Your Teen For A Youth Treatment Center

Helping your teen understand the opportunity represented by a residential treatment center can help make their transition to a youth treatment center smoother, so less time is wasted by your teen feeling resentful and confused at why they are there. To help your teen prepare to attend a residential treatment center, there are a few things parents can do.

Help Your Teen See Youth Treatment As An Opportunity

It is best to address the topic of entering a youth treatment center with your teen once you have found a reputable treatment center which you feel will suit your troubled teen. That way, you can cover specific opportunities available at the treatment center. For example, if your teenage son is going to attend Liahona Treatment Center, he will benefit from:

  • Daily therapy - Whether your teen is working one-on-one with their therapist, in group therapy, involved in experiential therapy or family therapy, your teen will benefit from receiving regular daily therapy which is in not available to most teens outside of residential treatment centers.
  • Healthy friendships - In an environment where all the teens are working on bettering themselves, it is easier for your teen son to develop healthy friendships which will uplift him rather than lead him down negative paths.
  • Academic recovery - At Liahona, academic success is one of the key ways we help young men engage in self-improvement. With our accredited educational program, your son can catch back up to his peers, repair his grades, and become college-ready.
  • Patient tutoring - While most public schools cannot provide enough tutors for struggling students, our treatment center keeps a staff of tutors available to work one-on-one with students who are struggling with various academic subjects.
  • Life skills learning - To help the troubled teens become self-sufficient young adults, Liahona emphasizes teaching an array of life skills, from conflict resolution to the culinary arts.

By going over these various benefits with your troubled teen, they may be more prepared to enter a youth treatment center and start making the most of their experience from the day they enter treatment.

Bring Your Teen On A Campus Tour

Many of us find the unknown uncomfortable, even frightening. If possible, you may want to consider bringing your teen with you on a campus tour. That way, you can both see what life will be like at a residential treatment center, and your teen can feel more prepared to enter into the youth treatment center.

If you have other questions or concerns about our residential treatment center, feel free to contact us. Our admission counselors can help you determine whether Liahona is a good fit for your teenage son and how else you can prepare your son to enter treatment.

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