Problems At Home and Troubled Boys

Often times parents are not aware that some of the problems they are having at home with their son is not just a teenager acting out, most cases they are troubled boys that need help. Helping parents find the right care for their teen can be a confusing situation with so many youth programs and options that are out there.

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center for teens that implements both components of Behavior Modification and Positive Peer Culture to help teens in an effective structure of treatment that has shown unparalleled success. We help troubled teens that have problems at home such as addictions, behavioral issues, emotional issues, depression, school problems, and family issues. If your son needs help and we sound like the right treatment for your troubled boy call us at 1-855-587-1416. Problems and Home

There are specific signs and symptoms that parents should look for in their teens, catching these signs and symptoms early enough and treating them is very important to the success of your teen in their adult life. Drug or substance abuse, depression, disrespect, poor school performance, bad attitude, and self-harm or suicide attempts are all signs of troubled teens that need help. 

Liahona Academy provides troubled teens with the help that they need for success and recovery from their issues they are having at home. Students at Liahona Academy have a certified staff that will help troubled teens repair credits and get back on track with academics. We support and encourage our students to make changes for themselves internally. 

Parenting boys isn’t easy, but parenting troubled boys is even more difficult. Students at Liahona Academy are provided with behavior modification to facilitate change. We help them learn life skills such as integrity, teamwork, respect, and responsibility.

Every staff member at Liahona Academy is here because they care about the success and recovery of troubled boys. If your son is troubled and needs help and our residential treatment center sounds like the facility for your troubled teen call us at 1-855-587-1416.

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