Reactive Attachment Disorder in Boys

Although Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) is common in boys that have been adopted it is also caused by early abuse or neglect, frequent change of their caregiver (foster care), and critical absence of a parent. If you are a parent of a boy dealing with RAD please call us.  We can help!

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that can help boys suffering from RAD among many other issues such as drug or substance abuse, behavioral issues, academic problems, and family issues. In severe cases, boys may be suffering from reactive attachment disorder. Also called "attachment disorder." Boys with RAD struggle to develop strong emotional attachments to others, often because of serious disruptions in their early relationships. At Liahona Academy we can help provide further information and therapy to families of boys that are struggling with reactive attachment disorder. 

There are certain things that must happen during a child’s early stages of life, from birth to three years old. During that time a child requires certain needs that can promote healthy brain development. Healthy growth depends on interaction with a constant caregiver. Cooing, loving touch, eye contact, consistent feeding and dependable comforting presence.

The lack of these interaction presents an issue for growing boys. Children may have great difficulty in forming lasting bonds with anyone. Reactive attachment disorder can cause boys to have behavioral issues, abuse drugs or substances, and have academic problems.

Signs of Boys with Reactive Attachment Disorder

  • Unable to have feelings of guilt or shame
  • May be Antisocial
  • Violent
  • Personality Disorders

Unfortunately there is no absolute cure for boys with reactive attachment disorder. However there is hope for parents of boys with RAD, residential treatment centers like Liahona Academy can help provide boys with coping skills and values that can help manage this disorder. Reactive attachment disorder is completely preventable, if parents are instrumental in the beginning stages of a child’s life.

Sometimes it is not always the case especially for adopted children. Boys that are in need of help and support for RAD can find it here at Liahona Academy, please call us today at 1-855-587-1416.

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