Receiving A High School Diploma While At A School For Troubled Teens

Receiving a high school diploma is an important right of passage for teens and just because your teen needs to attend a school for troubled teens, there is no need for them to not receive a high school diploma.

How A School For Troubled Teens Can Offer Diplomas

Depending on which state the school for troubled teens is located, a school for troubled teens is required to provide an accredited educational program. Liahona Academy took this mandate and went further, hiring a high ratio of teachers to students, along with a cadre of certified tutors to offer individualized help to our students.

Thanks to our fully accredited academic program, we can not only offer your troubled teen a way to repair his grades, receive a high school diploma, but also become college-ready as they graduate out of our program.

High School Diplomas Mean More To Teens

Some parents have not been sure why it is important for troubled teens to receive a high school diploma. There are several factors which make a high school diploma important to teenagers:

  • Fit in with peers - Most troubled teens don't want to be stand out negatively from their peers, and lacking a high school diploma is definitely a negative way to stand out. Also, even if a troubled teen earns a G.E.D., there can be a social stigma attached to it as a G.E.D. is considered a lesser substitute for a high school diploma.
  • More secure future - A high school diploma will help your troubled teen become more acceptable to future employers and colleges. Many of these institutions are wary of accepting G.E.D. holders, as it can sometimes signify that the holder was unable to muster the required discipline to finish a high school diploma.
  • Confidence booster - Receiving a high school diploma is a concrete milestone a troubled teen can use to help positively boost their confidence. With this positive milestone reached, it will be easier for a troubled teen to hang onto the positive lessons they learned while attending a school for troubled teens.

Choose An Accredited School For Your Troubled Teen

While all schools for troubled teens will offer some kind of academic program, many will only prepare your troubled teen to take and pass the G.E.D. If you want to find out if the school for troubled teens that you are interested in offers a high school diploma via an accredited educational program, you can:

  • Contact the school in question
  • Visit the school
  • Check out their accreditation online

You can contact Liahona Academy's enrollment counselors today to find out more about our accredited academic program and other services we offer to our students.

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