Reform School for Boys in Georgia

In extreme cases, troubled teen boys in Georgia need professional help to overcome their behavioral or mental health issues. If help can come in the form of therapy and intervention, it's the best chance for long-lasting change. However, this kind of intervention is not very effective when the boys remain in their home and school and are still associating with current peers. Reform school for boys in Georgia are designed to take teens out of their current environment and put them in a safe, structured and supportive place to begin changing for the better.

Liahona Academy is one such reform school that houses, educates and heals troubled teen boys from Georgia and across the country. Many teen boys suffer from ADD, anxiety, ADHD, mood disorder, abuse trauma, aggression and anger issues, substance abuse, depression and more. Fortunately, Liahona Academy is experienced in helping teens work through these and similar issues. A phone call to 1-855-587-1416 will give parents the information they need to learn more about Liahona Academy.

Are Reform Schools for Boys In Georgia Effective?

Reform schools blend academics, therapy and recreation together to create a place where teens overcome their challenges and start to build a future. Licensed and qualified professionals dedicate themselves to finding the answers that teens seek about their behavior and their challenges. When a parent has exhausted all resources to try to change their teen boy's behavior, a reform school is a perfectly reasonable and effective option.

Must the Reform School Be in Georgia?

Parents are often surprised to learn that one of the best reform schools in the country is not in Georgia, but in Utah. Liahona Academy accepts boys and girls from across the country and has years of experience in treating hundreds of kids with a range of disorders. Teen boys of all ages and personalities are successfully treated by professionals at this reform school and are also encouraged to make and achieve academic goals.

Many experts agree that removing a troubled teen from his current  environment is hard but often necessary. Once they are out of the toxic atmosphere of their own making, they can start with a clean slate and drop the baggage they've been holding on to. Bad friends fade away, toxic relationships subside and bad habits are replaced with positive ones that are created in a supportive, safe facility. When it really counts, distance can actually be a good thing for troubled teen boys and reform school.

How is Liahona Academy Different?

Liahona Academy is a special, unique reform school for several reasons:

  • It accepts teen boys from Georgia and elsewhere across the country
  • It creates a safe place for teens to live and sleep
  • It uses positive peer pressure to entice boys to get along
  • It has recreational therapy to help teens set and achieve goals, boost self-esteem and make new friends
  • It facilitates traditional therapy, both individual and group, to ensure deep healing
  • It emphasizes success in academics so no student falls behind grade level
  • It employs licensed, qualified staff members who have experience in adolescent behavior

Liahona Academy has the right formula when it comes to activities, staff, academics, cost, treatment philosophy, and success rate. It's a reform school for every teen who is seeking help with their problems. Parents can call Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416 anytime for a free consultation.

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