Reform School for Boys in Illinois

When troubled teen boys are on a dangerous and destructive path, parents often need to intervene and send them to a long-term care and rehabilitation facility. Known as reform schools, therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment centers, these programs focus on helping adolescents overcome their personal challenges. Reform school for boys in Illinois can be the first step in getting a kid back on track and heading in the right direction as far as his future is concerned.

Liahona Academy is a reform school for boys in Illinois and surrounding states that is highly successful in helping with a range of issues, from substance abuse and bipolar to depression, anxiety and abuse trauma. Liahona Academy successfully blends academics, therapy and recreation to create a supportive atmosphere where boys can not only survive, but thrive. Parents qualify for a free consultation when they call 1-855-587-1416 and ask to speak to an admissions counselor.

Aren't All Reform School for Boys in Illinois the Same?

Not all reform schools across the country are the same. Different states have varying rules and regulations when it comes to establishing, licensing and maintaining teen help facilities. Parents should know that some states are better than others when it comes to regulating long-term care programs for troubled teens.

Liahona Academy is located in Utah, which happens to be one of the most rigid states in the country in enforcing state laws and regulations. The good news is that Utah facilities like Liahona Academy will always meet some of the highest standards in the country. Choosing Liahona Academy is wise, because not all reform schools are equal.

How Can Reform School Help?

Liahona Academy creates a healthy, healing community for troubled teens that removes them from their current negative environment and places them in a supportive atmosphere where they can grow and develop. A good reform school will employ licensed and trained professionals who have experience in dealing with troubled teen boys. The staff know what to do to encourage teens to start healing and work toward a brighter future.

Blending counseling, academics and recreation, Liahona Academy and other reform schools break bad habits and set teens on the path to better behavior and achieving life goals.

What Is Life at Reform School Like?

Life at reform school is designed to help troubled teens overcome daily challenges, modify behavior and have fun. Trained staff constantly work to provide real-life living situations and challenges for teens to work on. At Liahona Academy, teens attend group and individual therapy sessions to get to the root of their issues.

The academic component is important at Liahona Academy as well. Trained teachers, small class sizes and extra tutoring keeps troubled teen boys up to speed in academic coursework. Finally, adventure therapy is an effective tool to teach boys responsibility, boost their self-esteem and let them learn to enjoy life.

Liahona Academy is an ideal place for troubled boys from Illinois to get the help they need. Any parent who desires more information about Liahona Academy or any other reform school questions can call 1-855-587-1416 today.

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