Reform School for Boys in Massachusetts

When it comes to finding realistic therapeutic options for troubled boys in Massachusetts, parents may need to consider looking at reform schools. Often called therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment centers, reform schools are often the best chance of long-term success when it comes to helping troubled teens. Reform school for boys in Massachusetts and other states specialize in treating teens in a range of issues that can greatly impact their current and future lives. Some of the issues teens in Massachusetts deal with include:

  • 33% of teens in Connecticut abuse alcohol and 14% report binge drinking.
  • 34% of CT teens abuse marijuana and 4% use other illicit drugs.
  • In 2018, there were over 650 juvenile arrests for crimes such as drug abuse, property crime, and aggravated assault.
  • Suicide: CT ranks 46th in the nation for teen suicides.
  • Only 87% of teens in CT complete high school.

Liahona Academy is a reform school that parents should definitely consider. If teenage boys are spiraling out of parental control, suffering from mental and behavioral issues, and even causing harm to others or themselves, it's time to make the tough decision to enroll in reform school. Massachusetts parents can take the first step by calling 1-855-587-1416 to get a free consultation from a Liahona Academy admissions counselor.

Will A Reform School For Boys in Massachusetts Make a Difference?

Reform schools provide the professional training to staff members that regular schools simply cannot do. When it comes to dealing with issues like ADD/ADHD, addiction, substance abuse, low self-esteem, bipolar, aggression, anxiety, depression and other similar challenges, reform schools teach boys how to not only manage but thrive.

A good reform school should establish a detailed, individualized treatment plan that is then implemented by licensed and trained professionals. School should not be overlooked and the best reform schools factor in academic development as well.

Liahona Academy is proud to treat boys from Massachusetts and other states and has a great track record of success in getting boys back onto a positive and productive path. Liahona Academy can even make sure troubled teen boys get back on track with schoolwork and heading toward high school graduation.

What Makes Liahona Academy So Special?

Liahona Academy’s program is one of the best around, and uses a blend of therapy, academics and recreation to create a safe and stable environment where teen boys from Massachusetts can thrive.

  1. Therapeutic help: Professionally trained counselors with experience in adolescent therapy provide individual and group counseling to help teens overcome their issues.
  2. Academic help: There are licensed teachers working with students to keep them at grade level and plan for their future, whether it's college, vocational or the workforce.
  3. Recreation and social help: Hiking, biking, sports, skiing, swimming and more are all part of the school's recreational therapy approach to build self-esteem and expand each boy's perceptions of what he can achieve.

Liahona Academy is located in Utah’s southern desert, and is the perfect place for troubled teen boys from Massachusetts to turn over a new leaf. The trained staff work with them to set goals, work through their challenges and find that inner strength to become successful. It's never too late for parents to look into enrolling their troubled teenage boys in reform school and starting them on the road to recovery.

Massachusetts parents who are interested in getting professional therapeutic help via Liahona Academy can speak with an admissions counselor during a free consultation when they call 1-855-587-1416.

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