Reform School for Boys in New Jersey

When it comes to helping out troubled teen boys and getting them professional help, many parents turn to therapeutic facilities like reform schools. Reform school for boys in New Jersey may be one of the more effective methods to meet the specific needs of teenage boys. There are many reform schools across the country that accept boys from New Jersey and other states, so parents can find the right school for their child's unique challenges.

Liahona Academy is a reform school that can be the perfect solution for troubled teen boys from New Jersey. The school is a viable alternative to traditional schools that simply don't have the experience or resources to help teens with emotional issues, behavior problems or mental illness. Liahona Academy admissions counselors give free consultations to parents who call 1-855-587-1416.

Can Reform Schools for Boys in New Jersey Really Help?

When it comes to turning the lives of troubled teen boys around, reform school is an excellent option. Attending a reform school means the New Jersey teens are removed from their current negative environments. They are away from their bad friends and forced to give up their destructive habits. Reform school can be the perfect solution when traditional resources aren't working any more and the teen boy doesn't want to accept any guidance form parents or other authority figures. Reform schools are specially equipped to work with adolescents and succeed where other options fail, including academics.

Liahona Academy is especially successful in getting teenage boys to overcome issues like behavior problems, emotional struggles, and mental illness. From ADD and anxiety to trauma from abuse and low self-esteem, Liahona Academy professional therapists provide ways for teen boys to get healthy again.

What is Life at Liahona Academy Like?

Liahona Academy is set up to provide a safe and secure atmosphere where troubled teen boys from New Jersey can re-discover themselves, boost their self-esteem, overcome challenges and achieve goals. There are three main factors in how Liahona Academy works:

Academics: Students at this reform school will not leave their education behind. Trained teachers who specialize in the needs of troubled teens work closely in small classrooms to ensure that boys get the help they need to complete their education.
Therapy: Licensed therapists work with boys in individual and group therapy. They work with the troubled teens to get to the heart of the problems and teach them to overcome them.
Social: Positive peer pressure, amazing recreation and more make life at Liahona Academy challenging and rewarding. The adventure therapy component is amazing, with activities like canoeing, fishing, rock, climbing, camping, hiking, skiing, water sports, mountain biking and more.

For more information on the many ways that Liahona Academy can help troubled teenage boys,  New Jersey parents can call 1-855-587-1416 for a free consultation and get their child on the road to recovery.

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