Reform School for Boys in Pennsylvania

A reform school may be just what frustrated parents are looking for when it comes to helping out their troubled teen sons. Reform schools for boys in Pennsylvania and surrounding states are long-term solutions to a range of problems that teens face, like ADD/ADHD, depression, oppositional defiant disorder, low self-esteem, trauma from abuse or loss, and so forth. sometimes these conditions can lead to troubled behavior like substance abuse, self-harm, and even suicide if not treated properly. Reform school for boys in Pennsylvania is an effective way to enact real change.

Liahona Academy is a reform school that accepts troubled boys from all across the country. Since its founding, Liahona Academy has helped hundreds of teenagers change from rebellious and defiant to focused and energetic. The school even offers a free consultation via phone at 1-855-587-1416 for Pennsylvania parents who are interested to see how Liahona Academy can help them and their troubled sons.

When Is It Time to Consider Reform School for Boys in Pennsylvania?

Any parent will tell you that doing the right thing for their kids can also be the hardest. If a teen boy's bad behavior is significantly affecting his life, destroying relationships, causing his grades to tumble and even putting his health and well-being in danger, it's probably time to consider reform school for boys in Pennsylvania. If the teen boy has been diagnosed with a behavioral or mental disorder, it's also a good time to review what kind of facility he might find the most success in.

How Do Reform Schools Help Troubled Teens?

Reform schools that are staffed with experienced, licensed professionals create a place where they break down the behavioral barriers that teen boys have built. They treat the underlying issues using individual and group therapy. The staff at reform schools have experience in adolescent issues and work hard to give struggling teens a chance to overcome their challenges in a more healthy way. They also use behavior modification techniques like positive peer pressure and adventure therapy to encourage teens to change. Pennsylvania parents don't have to worry about their sons  getting behind in school, because good reform schools include academics in the program. All in all, it's a good system to put a troubled teen boy into.

Why Choose Liahona Academy?

Liahona Academy has a high success rate when it comes to helping troubled boys from Pennsylvania and other states to overcome their problems. Located in beautiful Utah, Liahona Academy provides a change of scenery and a lower pace than what most troubled boys are used to. The safe and structured environment is the perfect place for teen boys to start healing and building a future they can look forward to.

Here are three reasons why Liahona Academy is a top choice for Pennsylvania parents:

  • Liahona Academy uses adventure therapy to inspire and excite troubled boys, with activities like hiking, mountain biking, rappelling, canoeing, rock climbing, camping and more.
  • Liahona Academy requires individual and group therapy for troubled teen boys to work out their issues and get the mental health counseling they need.
  • Liahona Academy specializes in keeping teen boys up to speed academically and has trained teachers on staff who work in smaller classrooms and create individualized education plans for each student.

Parents in Pennsylvania who check out Liahona Academy often find that it is the right choice for their family. All parents are welcome to speak with an admissions counselor for more information by calling 1-855-587-1416.

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