Reform School for Boys in Virginia

It’s difficult for parents to make the decision to remove their, aggressive, defiant and angry teenage boy from their home. Often it's the last resort after months or years of struggle. While it may seem drastic, there are actually plenty of benefits for enrolling troubled teen boys in reform school. Reform school for boys in Virginia are specially designed to handle teenage boys who suffer from a range of issues, like ADD, ADHD, defiance, depression, adoption issues, oppositional defiant disorder, anxiety, low self-esteem, abuse trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, aggression and more.

Liahona Academy is one of the best reform schools around to help teens work through their issues using therapy, and also stay on track academically. With a fine reputation and good success rate, Liahona Academy is worth it for parents to investigate. By calling 1-855-587-1416, parents of troubled teens qualify for a free consultation about whether Liahona Academy is a good fit for their child.

When Is It Time For Reform School for Boys In Virginia?

While it's better for parents to get their troubled teen professional help sooner rather than later, it's never too late to enroll in reform school. When a troubled teen boy's behavior and attitude are impacting all aspects of life--school, home, work and more--it's time to intervene.

Lack of ability to function well at home or school won't allow the teen to establish healthy relationships, learn good coping skills and stay out of dangerous or harmful situation. That's why reform school can be the answer. It provides a safe and structured atmosphere where teen boys can be properly supported in their daily life as they get back on track socially and academically.

Can Liahona Academy Help Boys in Virginia?

Liahona Academy is one of the most successful long-term reform schools for troubled teens in Virginia and other states. One reason why it is such a good place for troubled teen boys is that is employs licensed professionals with years of experience to conduct individual and group therapy. Many times, bad behavior is rooted in emotional or mental issues, and when those are treated, the behavior corrects itself.

Another component in Liahona Academy's success is the emphasis on academics. A range of academic counselors, teachers, tutors and mentors create a personalized education plan with each teen. Small class sizes and positive peer pressure help even the most troubled boys so better in school than they have in a more traditional system.

Finally, the adventure therapy of Liahona Academy is a big part of getting boys to change their lives. Located in the beautiful southern Utah landscape, the reform school incorporates recreational and adventure therapy like fishing, sports, hiking, biking, camping, rock climbing, water sports, skiing and more. This approach helps teens grow in self-esteem, bond with peers, set goals they can achieve and stay healthy.

It's no wonder that parents from Virginia feel comfortable knowing that reform schools like Liahona Academy are ready and willing to take their troubled teen boys in. All it takes is a phone call to 1-855-587-1416 for parents to get a free consultation and learn more about this excellent option for troubled teen boys from Virginia.

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