Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens in Kansas

When looking at the risks faced by young people in the US, there are some terrifying facts. For example, did you know that just in the state of Kansas the suicide rate of juveniles between the ages of 10 and 17 between 1990 and 2010 was 33.6%? In the same state, the number of reported juveniles bringing weapons to school was at 5.2% in 2011, and 5.5% claimed that same year to have been threatened or injured on school property with those weapons.

In the US, 46,000 teens have self reported using drugs of some description within the past year. That only accounts for general use; in 2006 a national survey found that 8% of teens qualified as having an actual addiction.

Helping Your Kansas Teen Cope At A Residential Treatment Center

There are many problems faced by our youth, as the statistics above prove. Drug addiction, sexual promiscuity, failing academic performance, depression, personality disorders, suicidal is horrifying to consider what may happen to our more troubled adolescents. They are only beginning their lives, and yet they are struggling with problems that far outweigh what would be considered normal for the average teen.

So, what can be done? As a parent, your instinct is to protect your child in anyway possible. You may be hesitant to seek professional help, out of fear of how your teen may be perceived or treated. But there is no denying the fact that you can’t cure them out of sheer willpower, no matter how much love is involved. They need proper intervention, by those trained to deal with the multitude of issues faced by troubled teens.

Outpatient therapy and medication may help in some cases, depending on the severity of the problems, and what is causing them. However, for many teenagers who have already slipped into the danger zone, more extensive assistance may be required. When that happens, your best bet is to find a secure, inpatient program that can fully address the root cause of their unstable behavior.

Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens in Kansas

Parents of troubled teens in Kansas are often at a loss and want to do what is best for their children to help them heal, but when searching for residential treatment centers they have found that the search process can be difficult and extremely stressful. Not only that, but not every treatment center is created equal. Some lack the proper staff, training, and even violate laws in the region meant to keep your teen safe.

You need a facility that has been proven to be both effective, and safe. Liahona Academy is treatment center that provides a therapeutic environment for your son to heal. Our admissions staff is here to help families find a treatment center that is right for their son, call today at 855-587-1416.

Unfortunately, there are not many residential treatment centers for troubled teens in Kansas. Liahona Academy is a treatment center that helps troubled teens from all over the country. At Liahona Academy, the professional staff is able to provide more personalized and structured recovery that is personalized to each individual teen. If your son is suffering from behavioral problems (acting out), mental disorders, mood or thought disorders, defiance, substance abuse/addiction, or other such problems then Liahona Academy can provide the help your son needs.

Our Residential Treatment Center Provides Recovery to Troubled Teens From Kansas

Many residential treatment centers offer therapy as a form of recovery; however Liahona Academy not only offers traditional therapy but recreational therapy as well. Teenage boys have a lot of built up energy and by releasing that energy in a positive way they can find healing through the recreational therapy program. By participating in hands-on activities such as water sports, hiking, camping, and an array of sports, snow skiing and other activities your son will be able to heal. Alongside therapy troubled teens at the residential treatment center, Liahona Academy, participate in daily challenges, an unsurpassed academics program and other activities.

Parents of troubled teens in Kansas can find help from residential treatment centers such as Liahona Academy. If the recovery program offered at Liahona Academy sounds like a program your son could benefit from, then please call our admissions staff today at 855-587-1416. The road to recovery starts with a simple phone call.

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