Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens in Kentucky

Parents of troubled teens in Kentucky have found that searching for residential treatment centers can prove to be a difficult and stressful process. When teenage boys act out, it is often because they are crying out for help due to an external or internal problem. Liahona Academy is a treatment center that provides help to troubled teens in Kentucky. Strange behaviors in your child can often be a sign that something is wrong. If your son is acting out, becoming defiant, his performance and attendance in school is changing, he suddenly changes friends, engages in criminal or risk-taking behaviors or other types of behaviors that are abnormal for your son then we will be able to help him find the recovery he needs. Through therapy the professional staff at Liahona Academy will be able to work with your son and find the root problem for his behavior.

Liahona Academy Aids Troubled Teens in Kentucky Searching for Residential Treatment Center

Trying to manage a troubled teen that doesn’t respond to your efforts is painful and frustrating. Parents that are concerned about the trajectory of their son’s health and future may need to turn to more intensive options that those they can provide at home. Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers can be an ideal option for struggling families. Liahona Academy is just such a facility and has nearly 20 years of experience that has shaped and honed the program into the effective solution it is today. Since it is a smaller facility, the professional staff is able to spend more one-on-one time and create a treatment plan that is unique to every teenage boy. Liahona Academy provides a safe, therapeutic environment vital to the healing process.

We encourage you to contact us today at Liahona Academy for a no strings, complimentary consultation regarding your son and the specific needs of your family. 1-855-587-1416.

Liahona Academy Has A History Of Helping Troubled Teen Boys

While residing at our facility, your son will have access to a highly successful program and caring counselors and therapists that are dedicated to his success. Because healing begins with getting to the root of the problem, your teen will first explore his issues and the triggers that are leading to his bad behavior. In our program, he will be able to participate in traditional forms of therapy, such as group, family and individual sessions with a therapist, but we have also incorporated a more hands on approach to appeal to the learning style of teen boys. Not only do we offer a variety of healthy, outdoor activities, each student is also able to experiment with other types of therapy like music, art and culinary.

We feel that balance is an important skill to learn and he set the example by incorporating a healthy diet along with exercise and emotional exploration. Each teen participates in activities that are safe and monitored by qualified staff. Through physical activities such as water sports, snow skiing, an array of sports, camping, hiking and other activities, your son will be able to find healing through this therapeutic technique. Because taking the time away from school for a teen help program is a fairly significant decision for families, we also offer an academic program that is nationally accredited and taught by licensed instructors. Students can focus on grade repair, credit recovery or simply keeping up for a simple transition back into their home school.

Liahona Academy Is Here To Help Your Troubled Son

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of families and we know first-hand how painful dealing with a severely troubled teen can be. We are not just here to help your son recover, but also to help you recover a peaceful and happy home. We know that you are your son’s best support system and we are here to help you gain the skills you need to help your son maintain his positive changes. Liahona Academy is an ideal option for families in Kentucky searching for a safe and effective residential treatment center. Your son will come back with a clear understanding of his problems and a rejuvenated, positive outlook on life. Please, call us at Liahona Academy today at 855-587-1416, and get your son started on the path to recovery.

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