Residential Treatment Centers Offer Lasting Solutions To Troubled Teens

It can be exhausting and emotionally draining to raise a defiant and angry teen. It can also be extremely difficult to accept that you may need outside intervention in order to get him back on track.While the idea of temporarily sending your child away can be intimidating, some teens are unable to respond to their parent’s efforts and need the intensive, full time monitoring and therapeutic treatment that a residential program can provide. Facilities such as residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are specifically designed to help teens overcome issues of aggression, anxiety, depression, defiance, low self-esteem or substance abuse. These challenges can interfere with a teen’s healthy development and ability to function effectively in their home and school environments. Full time teen help programs are the most successful option for teens that have not benefited from parental discipline or other outpatient solutions.

How Does It Work?

Residential treatment centers offer housing for troubled teens where they receive immersive therapeutic care while being closely monitored in a safe and supportive environment. This approach is designed to help teens identify and address their underlying issues and learn better coping skills for the resulting symptoms. Residential treatment centers encourage change through multiple kinds of therapy; including group, individual and family. When these are combined with a balance of accredited academics and healthy recreation, each teen is able to practice life skills while learning teamwork and better communication skills. Regular one-on-one attention from counselors and therapists allow them to make adjustments to each resident’s plan of care as he works his way through the program. Not all teens will progress at the same pace and a good facility will strive to see your son as the individual he is.

Small group settings are intended to mimic the home environment and help prepare troubled teens to practice effective boundaries and newly acquired coping skills. Parents are included in the healing process and receive support and guidance for the transition time when their teen returns home.The goal of these programs is to help teens make positive changes from the inside out. This type of treatment has a great history of success for helping severely troubled teens get back on the path to successful adulthood.

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center located in southern Utah. We specialize in helping troubled teen boys turn their lives around and rediscover their best selves. We have over fifteen years of experience and we maintain the highest standards for our facility and staff. If you are the parent of a struggling teen, contact us today (1-855-587-1416) for a free consultation to discuss his needs and your options.


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