Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Boys From Minnesota

Too many rehabilitation centers and teen help programs for troubled boys in Minnesota make out-of-this-world promises about how quickly they can rehabilitate kids. However, rehabilitation for teens with significant emotional, mental and behavior challenges is not something that can be done in a few weeks or a couple of months. Long-term healing means that teens need a life change with regular therapy, academic support and trained experts who know how to work with adolescent issues. Liahona Academy is an ideal residential treatment center for troubled boys in Minnesota.

Minnesota parents with questions about Liahona Academy and its program should contact them at 1-855-587-1416.

Why Do Parents From Minnesota Select Residential Treatment Centers Like Liahona Academy?

Minnesota teen boys that cannot figure out what’s happening to them tend to turn on anyone who may be trying to help. With mental illness, emotional trauma and more, teens simply don’t know how to get through school, family life and more without professional help and regular therapy. Liahona Academy understands what troubled teen boys are going through and they know how to help. When parents are at the end of their rope and don’t know what else to do, Liahona Academy does. The resident boarding school houses the teens and puts them on the path for long-term rehabilitation. The caring staff and administration provide the structure and safety that Minnesota parents are looking for.

Not only does Liahona Academy provide plenty of mental health services, but it provides academic support as well. In order to transition to adulthood, teens need to keep going in school. Liahona Academy has an accredited academic program that focuses on education as one of the tools in helping teen boys turn from a negative life to a success story. Because academics make up a large part of the program, teens get plenty of support while they are away from home and their traditional school. There’s no doubt that Liahona Academy deserves its fine reputation as a place where teen boys get real and lasting help.

Minnesota Teens and Risky Behavior Statistics

Teens in Minnesota often don’t know what to do to help themselves, so they turn to risky behavior in hopes of covering up their frustration, fear and pain. Parents that simply don’t know how to handle their teens need to step in and make some hard decisions. The worst thing to do is to do nothing at all, so parents should start researching resident treatment centers.

Here are some red flag behaviors seen in many Minnesota and US teens:

  • Teen boys in USA that drink before turning 13: 20%
  • American teenage boys who drank in the last four weeks: 32%
  • Minnesota teenagers that abuse prescription drugs: 4%
  • Just 81 percent of MN teenagers ever graduate
  • Minnesota ranks 41st in the nation for suicides

There are serious consequences associated with risky behavior, and Minnesota teens are going to derail any future they have when they harm themselves or even harm others. Parents in Minnesota must seriously consider placing their teen sons at a residential treatment center for troubled boys in Minnesota before it is too late for them to reclaim their future. Studies show that kids who attend these kinds of programs are more likely to achieve success and find health and well-being throughout their lives.

Benefits of Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Boys in Minnesota

There’s no doubt that teens can suffer with tremendous challenges from mental illness, emotional disorders, behavior issues and more. The best way for them to get through their problems is to get regular professional help. However well-meaning they are, parents of struggling teen boys simply don’t have the training and skills to provide lasting help.

Military schools, summer camps, behavior boot camps and more are teen help programs with big claims but generally don’t provide much long-lasting help. Teens in trouble need consistent professional guidance from trained and licensed adults who do this for a living. Therapy boarding programs cover everything from therapy and school to life skills and recreation therapy so that teens are exposed to long-term solutions to help them live with and conquer their deep mental health problems.

Here are 6 benefits of residential treatment centers for troubled boys in Minnesota:

  1. Therapy: Teens get regular therapy from an experienced therapist that specializes in adolescent rehabilitation. It’s done individually or in groups, and each teen receives an individualized treatment plan for maximum benefits.
  2. Academics: Accredited academic programs provide a way for teens to earn a diploma and keep up in their schooling, because education is the first real step toward self-sufficiency and a better life.
  3. All Boys or All Girls Schools: When teens don’t have to worry as much about competing socially, they can focus more on healing. Same sex schools have been shown to promote faster healing and rehabilitation via positive peer pressure.
  4. Recreation: For parents that don’t know about recreation therapy, it can seem like a less vital part of rehabilitation, but in reality it is an excellent way for teens to gain self-esteem, learn new skills and hobbies, perfect communication and teamwork and simply let them have fun.
  5. Life skills: Too many teens enter adulthood unable to care for themselves, so they learn life skills at resident boarding schools such as cooking, laundry, chores, driving, teamwork, personal hygiene, budgeting and more.
  6. Transitioning: It’s difficult to go right from the safety and structure of a boarding school into the world again, so a good residential treatment center will have a transition program that gives teens the chance to launch successfully into the real world.

Resident boarding schools such as Liahona Academy are ideal for Georgia teens and their families, who are seeking out programs that deliver long-term success. Instead of summer camps, teens can get an education, regular therapy, and much more. There’s a reason why Liahona Academy is going to make a big difference in the lives of lots of Georgia teenagers who need professional help.

Liahona Academy Can Make a Difference For Your Teen

Struggling teen boys don’t have long before their bad choices can have a permanent effect on their future, so parents in Minnesota should really act quickly to get them some help. While it is extremely difficult to intervene, parents who want their sons to have the best chance at rehabilitation and healing need to take that first step now. Liahona Academy understands the difficulties and will do everything they can to assist. Residential treatment centers for troubled boys in Minnesota like Liahona Academy are ready and waiting to welcome teens and get them started on the pathway to success. Minnesota teenage boys need all the help they can get, and with the therapeutic, academic and life support they receive at Liahona Academy, they will be well on their way to a more fulfilling adulthood.

Minnesota parents that want to learn more about how Liahona Academy can help their troubled teen sons should call 1-855-587-1416.

Liahona Academy Can Help Struggling Teens from All Minnesota Cities:

Saint Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Cloud, Mankato, Eden Prairie, Eagan, Edina, Blaine, Shakopee, Brainerd, Bemidji, St. Louis Park, Brooklyn Park, Lakeville, Moorhead, Chaska and Coon Rapids.

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