Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Boys in Missouri

Residential treatment centers troubled boys in Missouri are often the best alternative out there for parents who are seeking a solution for their child. While not all treatment centers are the same, there are many out there that can help turn teen behavior from terrible to positive. Missouri parents who have done their research on teen help programs know to avoid wilderness camps, boot camps, military schools and other short-term programs. Residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are the best facilities to house struggling teenagers. When parental influence simply isn’t working and teens need a safe and structured environment to grow, it’s time to enroll them in Liahona Academy.

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Why So Many Missouri Parents Choose Liahona Academy To Help Their Teen Boy

It is a parent’s responsibility to make the biggest decision of their teenage boy’s life when he is not finding success in school and the family life is chaotic. Enrolling teens in Liahona Academy is difficult, but it is the best choice for many. The school’s programs will have an incredible impact on a troubled teen, turning their lives from hopeless to successful. It’s why Liahona Academy is different from the other teen programs out there. The resident center’s focus is on long-term healing and care. That’s why Missouri parents of troubled teen boys are seeking out Liahona Academy.

One of the benefits of having a teen boy attend Liahona Academy is that parents can feel satisfied about the quality of care and treatment he is receiving. That’s because each state sets up different laws and regulations on how teen help centers can run. Where Liahona Academy is located has some of the nations’ toughest laws on the books. Parents feel fine about enrolling their child in a place with high standards and strict oversight, because they know that the school is one of the best around. Liahona Academy is the right place for Missouri teens and others from coast to coast.

Statistics on Risky Behavior for Missouri Teens

Conquering life’s challenges is hard enough as a Missouri teen or adult, but when mental health issues or emotional problems are put into the mix, it can mean that teens make some poor choices and engage in risky behavior. To mask their pain and to deal with frustration, many teens indulge in drugs and alcohol, further complicating their lives. Even if Missouri parents try their best to turn their teen’s behavior around, they are often unsuccessful. Ultimately, teens will do what they want.

Here are just a few examples of Missouri teens and bad behavior:

  • Eleven percent of teenage boys living in Missouri report using electronic vapor products at least monthly.
  • Seventeen percent of the teen boys admit to binge drinking.
  • Five percent of teens abuse prescription painkillers.
  • Missouri has an 87.8 percent graduation rate.
  • The state of Missouri is ranked 13th for teen suicide

Residential treatment centers are one of the best places for teens that need professional help. The support, structure and guidance they receive at a place like this is a big part of rehabilitation and it’s never too late to start. Liahona Academy welcomes boys from across Missouri and the entire country, and invites them to start healing from within.

How Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Boys in Missouri Can Help Your Teen

There are so many teen help programs out there competing for clients that parents really need to engage in some serious research to sort out the questionable organizations from the truly great ones. From summer camps and wilderness camps to group homes and more, teen help facilities all focus on helping teenagers out. However, resident treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools have proven time and time again to be the best long-term solutions for troubled teens.

Resident treatment centers for troubled teens in Missouri are the kinds of places where the kids really benefit from being away from home and immersed in a compassionate and healing atmosphere. Of course, not just any resident center will work for Missouri boys. There are combinations of factors that parents should ensure are present in the center of their choice.

Here are just a few of the programs that should be part of a comprehensive residential treatment center:

  • Lots of Regular Therapy: Certified therapists must be included in the day-to-day treatment of troubled teens because there’s no other way to effectively handle mental illness issues and emotional challenges. The professional guidance that teens receive in group and individual sessions is the key to helping and healing.
  • Academic Support: Spending time in a residential treatment center will definitely help out teens when they can continue their education. Parents should make sure the program is accredited and that teens can earn credits and even a diploma.
  • Recreation Therapy: Equine therapy, outdoor adventure, sports, music, art, drama and more are certainly a big part of rehabilitation for troubled teens. Such activities will keep teens engaged with peers, develop a work ethic, boost self-esteem and promote leadership and more.
  • Community Living: Most group homes are set up so teens are living in a family-style setting and each teen helps promote living by participating in chores, laundry, cooking and more. Self-sufficiency and independence comes with adulthood and adolescents need all the experience they can get in making that transition.

The goal for troubled teens is for them to gain coping skills and therapy so they can plan for a future that is free from addiction, mental illness and added stress. Because there are highly qualified staff members who are trained in working with adolescents at group homes for troubled boys in Missouri, the atmosphere of support and healing can do wonders for each student. Liahona Academy is the right place for all types of teenagers who struggle with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar, addiction, abuse trauma, oppositional defiant disorder and so much more. Liahona Academy will be the pivotal point in each young man’s life where he leaves the negative behaviors behind and enjoys the possibility of rehabilitation and success in the adult world.

Liahona Academy is Ideal for Missouri Teenagers Who Need A Behavior Change

Even the best group homes for troubled boys in Missouri are not exactly easy for parents to select, and that’s why Liahona Academy goes out of its way to share information with parents about its fine program. At the core of it, when teen boys are simply not finding success in life, they need professional help. Well-meaning parents simply cannot provide their children with therapy on their own, but they can take that all-important step in enrolling them in a successful group home. For an excellent program with a proven track record, Liahona Academy is the right place for troubled boys to be.

For any questions about Liahona Academy or group homes for troubled teens in Missouri, please call 1-855-587-1416.

Missouri Cities That Have Troubled Teen Boys in Need of Liahona Academy

Kansas City, Springfield, Independence, Columbia, Lee’s Summit, O’Fallon, St. Louis, St. Joseph, St. Charles, Blue Springs, Florissant, St. Peters, Chesterfield, Joplin and Jefferson City.

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