Residential Treatment Centers Troubled Boys Rhode Island

Residential Treatment Centers Troubled Boys Rhode IslandBy sending your son from Rhode Island to Liahona Academy, you will be ensuring that he will be able to put any issues he has been experiencing behind him. We have a proven track record of having a life-changing influence over troubled boys. Don’t let your son miss out on this experience.

Liahona Academy provides a wide range of therapeutic services that are highly effective for many different issues and can be reached at 1-855-587-1416.

How We Help Rhode Island Youths

1 - Professional guidance - By sending your son to stay with us, you can be positive that he is receiving the highest quality professional treatment and guidance available. All of our staff are highly trained and passionate about the process of assisting boys recovering from the problems they have been struggling with. This enthusiasm for making a difference makes our program one of the most effective in the country. You will be astounded at the changes you see after the completion of just a few months with us.

2 - Therapeutic support - The backbone of our approach to helping teens recover is the therapy we offer. We use individual, group, and family therapy sessions to ensure that everyone has their individuals needs met and their unique situation addressed. We have had a tremendous level of success in using our therapeutic program to guide individuals towards happier and more successful lives. The level of support we offer is much more in-depth and effective than anything you will find at another school or residential treatment center.

3 - An individualized method of treatment - A huge part of how we seek to help troubled boys is by taking an individualized approach to treatment. Many programs will apply the same methods of help and support to each individual they treat, without considering the issues and difficulties they are facing. We firmly believe that this is an inferior way of helping anyone when compared with an individualized approach. Please don’t choose a facility that uses a cookie cutter method of assisting your child with improvement.


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