Schools for Troubled Teens

Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens are quickly becoming the most popular option to getting adolescents with significant mental, emotional or behavioral issues the long-term help they need. These residential facilities are designed to be both home and school for troubled teens. When it comes to the different types of schools for troubled youth, therapeutic boarding schools are an excellent place for parents to start their search.

Therapeutic boarding schools provide several benefits for troubled teen boys and girls. If parents are seriously considering professional help for their child, they should take a look at the opportunities that therapeutic boarding schools provide. Here are four benefits that teen help schools offer:

  1. New, supportive community
    Moving from a negative, hostile or even abusive atmosphere to a safe, secure, neutral one can do wonders for troubled teens. When they are surrounded by trained and experienced staffers, plus other teens who are going through their own issues, they can benefit from positive peer pressure and the support and understanding of adults who are ready to help out. Combined with programs designed to boost self-esteem and teach leadership skills, many troubled teens find the community atmosphere at school to be a real plus in their recovery.
  2. Academic emphasis
    Therapeutic boarding schools stress academics, knowing that many troubled youth have not done well in school prior to their arrival. Licensed teachers do everything they can to help troubled teens catch up or stay at grade level, then surpass it if they can. Counselors and peer tutors help teens stay on top of things and the small teacher/student ratio is often much better than in a traditional classroom. As the teens find more success in academics, they can even explore college prep and vocational training.
  3. Professional therapy
    Troubled teens who attend therapeutic boarding schools have access to licensed and qualified therapists for both individual and group therapy sessions. These experts work closely with students to identify the underlying issues, then work to help them overcome them. Personalized therapy plans are set up then adjusted depending on the teen's progress. Family therapy is another component that helps family relationships heal.
  4. Recreational therapy
    Recreational therapy plays a big part in a troubled teen's recovery at a therapeutic boarding school. Schools have all kinds of recreational therapy, such as after school clubs, sports leagues, equine therapy, wilderness therapy, art therapy, music therapy and more. These activities boost a troubled teen's student’s self-esteem, plus teaches them to set goals and achieve them, and introduces them to a number of new hobbies and friends.

The best part about therapeutic boarding schools is that it removes the teen from his or her current negative environment and puts them in a place where they can make good choices about recovery, education and development. When parents don't know where else to turn, they should take a look at the benefits of therapeutic boarding schools for answers.

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