Signs of Troubled Teens

As parents you want what is best for your child and sometimes you may feel as if he has a problem or issue that he needs help dealing with, but what are the signs of troubled teens? Teenage boys are growing and changing and learning to become adult men and when they are faced with a serious problem they need help right away to ensure the success of life-long recovery. Liahona Academy offers help to troubled teens. Please call today at 855-587-1416 for more information on how Liahona Academy can help your son. 

Warning Signs of Troubled Teens

Teenagers can be confusing and often make dramatic changes. However, there are certain signs to watch out for that can indicate your son is at-risk and needs help. Below you will find a list of warning signs to look out for in your teenage son:

• Sudden change in friends or activities.
• Change in school performance and/or attendance.
• Extreme changes in mood, becoming depressed, hostile, withdrawn, isolated or changes in sleeping patterns.
• Becomes secretive and lies about who they are with or where they are going.
• Changes in behavior.
• Self-harm or low self-esteem.
• Bullying others or being bullied by others.
• Engaging in criminal behavior and/or becoming destructive.
• Using drugs or alcohol.
• Becomes defiant by not listening to authority figures.
• And other types of behaviors that is not normal for your son.

If your son is showing any of these signs or symptoms, don’t wait call Liahona Academy today and get your son the help he needs, 855-587-1416.

Liahona Academy Helps Troubled Teens

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center where troubled teens can receive the help they need to overcome and understand the problems and issues they are facing in life. Liahona Academy offers traditional therapy such as individual, group and family systems therapy as a method of recovery. Recreational therapy, which provides recovery through hands-on activities such as water sports, hiking, skiing, camping, sports, and other physical activities, is also provided. Alongside therapy, teenage boys are enrolled in the unsurpassed academia program where they will be able to maintain their educational career and focus on grade recovery.

We are confident that Liahona Academy will provide your teen son with the healing he needs if you have noticed signs that he is troubled. Through the recovery programs offered at the therapeutic environment of Liahona Academy, your son will gain an understanding of the problems he faces and will learn how to overcome these problems in order to live life to the fullest. Call Liahona Academy today at 855-587-1416 to start the process of recovery for your son.  

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