Summer Camps For Troubled Teens – Michigan

Summer Camps For Troubled Teens - MichiganIs your troubled teen struggling with issues like substance abuse, anger, depression, or poor grades? The best way to address these problems in youth from Michigan is by sending them to a therapeutic summer camp. These camps can make a huge difference for any youth who has been struggling with these issues. One of the main ways our program seeks to help young adults is by providing a wide range of therapy options. Of these therapeutic treatments, some of the most effective include individual and group therapy. Because we use both of these methods, we are able to both address individual problems and provide an overall environment that is conducive to recovery. We have found the by providing both of these options, we can bring about the best possible recovery. In addition to these great forms of support, we pride ourselves on providing both world class academic support and a distraction free place to recovery. The end result of all of these factors is an extremely effective transformation. If you are looking for a way to have your son or daughter take advantage of these great support options, then a summer camp is the perfect choice.

Some of the issues teens are dealing with today include:

  • 42 percent report using marijuana.
  • 30 percent of Michigan teens drink alcohol regularly and 13 percent binge drink.
  • Michigan is 33rd in the nation for teen suicide.
  • Michigan is 33rd in the country for teen pregnancy.
  • 12 percent of children between 4-17 are diagnosed with ADHD every year
  • In 2018, there were 1,067 teen arrests for property crime, 225 teen arrests for violent crime, 337 teen arrests for drug abuse and 85 teen arrests for weapons violations
  • Michigan has a 79 percent high school graduation rate.

Liahona Academy’s therapeutic services provide a wide range of treatments that are highly effective for many different issues and can be reached at 1-855-587-1416.

The Right Help Is Essential For Your Child’s Future Happiness And Success

Without the assistance our program provides, it is a very real possibility that your teen will fail to ever overcome the problems he is struggling with. No parent wants this for their child and luckily this outcome is easily avoidable. When you send your teen to the right treatment program, they will be able to take advantage of both therapy and a supportive environment to facilitate their life changes. This type of assistance has proven to be incredibly influential in changing the lives of youths and you can be confident that your son or daughter will have the same great results. Don’t wait another day to reach out for the help your family needs.

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