Summer Camps For Troubled Teens – Wisconsin

Summer Camps For Troubled Teens - WisconsinThe best way to quickly make a difference in the life of a troubled teen from Wisconsin is by enrolling them in a therapeutic summer camp. This may seem like an unusual solution to problems like substance abuse, depression, anger, violence, or poor grades, but it can offer fast and effective recovery. At Liahona Academy, our method revolves around using a number of different unique advantages to encourage your son to break his cycle of poor choices and negative behavior. After spending just a few months with us, your child will return home having put his problems behind him. You will be astounded at how much this will impact the happiness and closeness of your entire family. Don’t wait to make this easy and meaningful decision that will benefit your boy for the rest of his life.

Liahona Academy provides a wide range of therapeutic services that are highly effective for many different issues and can be reached at 1-855-587-1416.

Why Getting Help While On Vacation Is The Right Answer

1 - Short duration but long-term results - By choosing to send your child to our program instead of a different treatment option, you will be helping them recover in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

2 - Lack of schedule conflicts - Because we use a summer camp to help adolescents, they are able to get treatment without missing out on things that would take place during the school year. This includes sports, interactions with peers, and time with family. All of these are important to the development of your child, making it important to choose a program that doesn’t conflict with these events.

3 - No academic interruptions - In addition to the other things your son will miss if he enters treatment during the year, he will experience a severe academic interruption. Sending your son to us avoids this outcome and can even provide benefits for school performance. Instead of just spending time with friends who may be a negative influence, your teen will get the academic support he needs to succeed in school after returning home.



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