Summer Camps for Troubled Teens in Colorado

Teens with extreme behavioral issues do more than cause their parents stress and heartache. They also jeopardize their health and their future by making poor choices that can result in permanent consequences. If you are worried about your troubled teen son, you may have begun to look for more intensive therapeutic solutions than those you have been able to provide at home. Colorado troubled boys can find the guidance and support they need in a summer camp designed help troubled teens. These programs are specifically designed by therapists trained in adolescent care to provide treatment to troubled teens that are out of control. It can be a difficult and emotional choice to send your boy to a full time treatment like a summer camp; however, when dealing with troubled teens, a positive new environment may offer the greatest chance for success.

The staff of Liahona Academy know that families dealing with troubled teens are having a tough time. If you are prepared to take the next step for your troubled boy, Liahona Academy is the ideal choice. Please call us now at 1-855-587-1416.

Summer Camps for Troubled Teens Can Help Colorado Families

Summer camps for troubled boys offer a particularly unique environment designed to encourage positive changes and personal introspection. Troubled teens often create negative surroundings; often as a result of poor peer influences and a typically adolescent need for social acceptance. When you send your troubled son to Liahona Academy, you can ensure that he will be surrounded by experienced professionals dedicated to helping him overcome his issues and gain the skills he needs to meet and deal with future challenges. Our staff knows how to work with troubled youth and they understand how to handle struggling teens for the most effective results. Some of the advantages we offer at Liahona Academy are:

  • Personalized treatment plans that are altered by the therapist as your son meets his goals.
  • One on one attention from the trained and qualified staff to ensure that your son is being watched over and cared for as he makes positive changes.
  • An academic program that is nationally accredited and equipped to help your boy repair his grades and keep up with his class at home if he doesn’t attend in the summer.
  • A location in the most highly sought after state for teen programs because the laws and regulations make it the best in the nation.
  • An inclusive therapeutic program that incorporates recreational therapy in addition to the more traditional forms of talk therapy.
  • A healthy balance of activities, diet and therapy in a program that also offers each student the chance to participate in leadership and teamwork activities.

We know that you have been dealing with a lot if you are at the point where you are considering summer camps for your troubled teen. We encourage you to remember that even if your son has not responded to your efforts, it is likely not your fault or that you haven’t come up with the right strategy. Some teens cannot make the changes they need to when they are distracted by their social environment and their power struggles with you and other authority figures. We provide surroundings that are free from triggers and are structured and safe. Your son will have the time and setting he needs to focus on the things that really matter, like his relationships and his communication.

Liahona Academy Is Here To Help Your Family

If you are unsure of what the next step is for your struggling teen boy, we can help. By looking into what summer camps specialize in, you will be able to find the right one for your troubled son. While the decision is difficult, it is the best option in many cases to give teens the greatest opportunity for success. Teen help summer camps are a tried and true option and a good program can make all the difference for your son.

Liahona Academy can help troubled teens to get their lives back on track. If you are ready to consider professional help, then please call us today for more information. 1-855-587-1416.

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