Summer Camps for Troubled Teens in Georgia

Summer camps for troubled teens in Georgia often make promises that they cannot keep about rehabilitation. That’s because when teens are struggling with mental illness or challenging emotional disorders, they need a structured and supportive atmosphere. When programs like therapeutic boarding schools and resident treatment centers are managed by professionals with experience in adolescent therapy, lots of positive progress can be made. Summer camps for troubled teens in Georgia simply aren’t equipped to handle the heavy lifting that resident therapy schools are. Liahona Academy is a resident boarding school that welcomes troubled teen boys from across the country.

Parents in Georgia who want to learn all about resident boarding programs and facilities such as Liahona Academy ought to place a call to 1-855-587-1416.

Many Parents Pick Liahona Academy Over Summer Camps For Teens In Georgia

When teen boys are not able to see in themselves the effects of mental illness, emotional trauma or similar factors, they start to act out to help them cope. Without professional guidance, teens have little hope of recovery. This can make Georgia parents very worried, and they start looking for a live-in facility for their teen. Liahona Academy knows what it takes to house the boys, get them the help they need, and plan for long-term healing. Parents of Georgia teens can feel comfortable knowing they’ve picked Liahona Academy, a facility with caring staff who are watching out for their sons.

Traditional schools are not set up to handle troubled teens, but Liahona Academy has employed top staffers that specialize in helping adolescents turn their lives around. When boys are having a hard time with their day-to-day living, it’s even harder to make things work out at a traditional school. At Liahona Academy, academics are a big part of progress, and teens get the support they require to keep moving forward. Other features of the boarding school program include therapy sessions, recreation therapy, life skills, community service and more. Liahona Academy has earned the reputation of helping teens turn their lives around.

Risky Behavior in Georgia Teenagers

Parents in Georgia are often in such a quandary about what to do that they may actually do nothing at all, hoping their son’s bad behavior is just a phase. Or, perhaps they are swayed by slick advertising about summer camps for troubled teens in Georgia. However, when teens start acting out and engaging in risky behavior at school, at home and in the community, they require more assistance than a special summer program. Risky behavior, especially ones that can harm others or themselves, should be considered a very important warning sign that teens need more help than normal.

Check out these Georgia statistics on teenage behavior problems:

  • 20%= US male teens who drank before their thirteenth birthday
  • 40%=Teenage boys in the nation who have smoked marijuana
  • 5%=Texas teenage males that abuse prescription drugs
  • Texas has an 89% high school graduation rate
  • Suicide ranking in the USA=42nd

Georgia teen boys cannot go for long doing bad behavior without some serious consequences. Parents should consider enrolling their teens at a therapeutic boarding school or resident treatment center instead of a summer camp for the best healing and rehabilitation. Teens in these kinds of programs have the best chance of a healthy and well-rounded adult life.

Avoiding Summer Camps for Troubled Teens in Georgia By Choosing A Therapeutic Boarding School

Parents of teen boys who need consistent professional intervention need much more than summer camps for troubled teens in Georgia. Therapy boarding programs are long-term solutions to deep mental health problems that teens may be facing. When they aren’t getting help, they often act out and cause problems for themselves at school and at home. In the supportive atmosphere of a resident boarding school, teen boys can go through the program and focus on all the relevant steps that move them toward healing.

Summer camps range from fun outdoor activities to wilderness and survival training. All of these are designed to help teens control behavior by conforming to societal standards. Some of the more military-style camps, like boot camps and military schools, employ lots of physical activity, harsh treatment and a tough love approach to controlling teen behavior. No matter what type of teen program it is, none are better than therapeutic boarding schools, according to adolescent behavior experts.

Check out these 8 fine features of resident boarding programs and see why they are superior to summer camps for troubled teens in Georgia:

  • Same sex enrollment helps eliminate distractions from a typical high school setting and reduces the problems associated with social hierarchies.
  • Licensed and experienced therapists work with teens to get to the heart of their issues and guide them in using tools to overcome them.
  • Regular therapy sessions for groups and individuals keep kids on track and helps design individualized treatment plans.
  • Academic support from certified teachers gives teens a chance to repair credit, earn new credits and receive a diploma.
  • Accredited academic programs mean that teens can graduate from high schools and move forward with their post-school plans.
  • Recreation therapy can include everything from outdoor activities and sports, drama, music, sports, equine therapy, and much more. It gives teens better self-esteem and gives them some fun and fulfillment in their lives.
  • Life skills are important in transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, so teens learn about cooking, cleaning, hygiene, budgeting, getting a job and much more.
  • Transition programs help make the change between therapeutic boarding school and the real world, giving teens the tools they need to become more successful adults.

Resident boarding schools such as Liahona Academy are ideal for Georgia teens and their families, who are seeking out programs that deliver long-term success. Instead of summer camps, teens can get an education, regular therapy, and much more. There’s a reason why Liahona Academy is going to make a big difference in the lives of lots of Georgia teenagers who need professional help.

Always Choose Liahona Academy For Teens From Georgia In Need of Help

Can Georgia parents really wait for long to get their struggling sons the help they need? When teens are at their lowest point, parents need to intervene and getting them into a therapeutic boarding school is the best way to turn things around. Liahona Academy accepts all questions from parents who are reaching out for answers. The decision to place a troubled teen in a resident facility is never easy, but hopefully parents of Georgia teenage boys will have the confidence in the success of Liahona Academy to do the right thing and star the process sooner rather than later.

Liahona Academy representatives are pleased to answer any questions that parents of troubled teenage boys might have when they call 1-855-587-1416.

Liahona Academy Welcomes Teens from these Georgia Cities:

Atlanta, Savannah, Sandy Springs, Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Johns Creek, Warner Robins, Alpharetta, Marietta, Valdosta, Smyrna, Roswell, Albany, and Dunwoody.

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