Summer Camps for Troubled Teens in Pennsylvania

When teenagers get out of control and their behavior begins to cause problems, then Pennsylvania parents can feel like there is no hope of ever seeing recovery. Parents often get frustrated that all their efforts are not producing the desired results. Pennsylvania teen boys with mental health problems, emotional issues and other challenges need professional help in a controlled environment. Some parents think that time spent at summer camps for troubled teens in Pennsylvania will take care of things, but there is a better alternative. Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers are much better for long-term rehabilitation. With regular therapy and a focus on healing teens from the inside out, places like Liahona Academy, an all-boys resident boarding school, can make a real difference.

Pennsylvania parents that want to learn a little more about Liahona Academy should call 1-855-587-1416.

Parents Of Troubled Teens Looking For Therapeutic Summer Camps Choose Liahona Academy

It’s hard for parents to choose the appropriate program for treating their sons, but Liahona Academy is one of the best around. Besides top staff, excellent academics and great recreation activities, Liahona Academy exceeds some of the highest standards in the land when it comes to teen help programs. Because of its location, Liahona Academy is subject to a number of strict laws and lots of regulations about how they can operate. Not only does Liahona Academy rise to the high standards of care and education, it earns the endorsement of many parents and teens that have gone through the program.

Liahona really is a wonderful place for teenagers in trouble. Summer camps, wilderness camps, military schools and similar short-term programs don’t have the proven results that a resident boarding school like this one has. It is idea for Pennsylvania parents that have done everything they could at home and at school for their child, but simply can’t give up on them. Their struggling teenage sons really start to turn things around once they start to attend Liahona Academy full-time. It’s no wonder that Pennsylvania teen boys and kids from across the country do much better at a facility like this over summer camps.

Facts About Problematic Pennsylvania Teens

When parents in the state of Pennsylvania start to see questionable behavior in their sons, they may just blow it off as a typical teen rebellion. However, when the behavior goes beyond light trouble and turns into activities that could harm the teen or others, or are illegal, it’s time to intervene. Teens often use drugs, alcohol and other risky behaviors to deal with their problems and frustrations. Such behavior should be a warning sign to Pennsylvania parents.

These statistics on Pennsylvania teens should worry parents of all backgrounds:

  • Only 84% of PA teenagers will ever graduate high school
  • Marijuana use: 34% of teen boys
  • Drank before 13 years old: 13% of teen boys in the state
  • Drank within last 30 days: 29% of Pennsylvania teenage boys
  • State suicide ranks: 31st in the country

Teenagers with these types of risky behaviors won’t be rehabilitated by spending a few months in summer camps for troubled teens in Pennsylvania. They deserve every chance to grow into the young adults they were meant to be, but if their own behavior and mental hang-ups get in the way, they are destined for a lifetime of struggle. Summer camps for troubled teens in Pennsylvania simply aren’t enough to tackle this life-changing trauma.

Why Therapeutic Boarding Schools are Better Then Summer Camps for Troubled Teens in Pennsylvania

Because of all the options for teen help programs across the country, Pennsylvania parents are faced with a number of confusing choices when it comes to a residential care facility. Making the right decision can mean a lifetime of healing or yet another setback. Summer camps for troubled teens in Pennsylvania usually just focus on getting kids to conform their behavior instead of getting to the roots of the problems in the first place. Also, the summer is not nearly long enough to delve into the teen’s issues via therapy. Only a resident boarding school can provide the right kind of treatment for troubled teens.

Therapeutic boarding schools are unique in that they provide a stable and secure environment for teens. They don’t have to navigate stressful situations at school or home, and they are surrounded by trained staff who know how to work with adolescents. Teens that suffer from issues like depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, substance abuse, addiction, abuse trauma and more will really begin to thrive in a resident therapy program.

Parents in Pennsylvania should take the time to figure out which schools provide the best treatment options, rehabilitation philosophy and more that best matches their sons’ needs. Here are just a few of the factors that all concerned parents should look at and evaluate as they are assessing different facilities and programs.

  • Safe and structured: The residential boarding school must be located in a secure environment and set up so that there is a productive schedule in place. Students are supervised and mentored as they go throughout their days working toward their goals.
  • Adolescent therapy: Licensed therapists work with teenagers to ensure that they attend individual and group therapy sessions so that they can work on any mental health issues and emotional trauma.
  • Recreation therapy: Good programs have all kinds of recreation therapy in the form of sports, music, art, drama, equine therapy, outdoor activities and more. This helps teens with self-esteem issues, leadership training, and more.
  • Accredited academic program: There are plenty of reasons for teens to get off track in school when they are struggling with behavior problems, but a successful therapy boarding school will have certified teachers in small classrooms helping kids repair their ruined credit, take new classes and work toward a high school diploma.

Parents should let the experts take over in getting troubled teen boys back on track when they have reached the end of their rope. A therapeutic boarding school is the best way for teen boys from Pennsylvania to achieve their goals of a successful adulthood. Continuing to make bad decisions doesn’t help anyone, especially the boys. That’s why a resident boarding school is such a lifesaving step.

Liahona Academy Can Offer Better Benefits To Your Troubled Teen Than A Summer Camp

Liahona Academy may be the best chance a teenage boy has in getting his life back on track, away from negative friends, and eliminating bad behavior triggers at home and at school. Teens will be more likely to find success when attending Liahona Academy over a summer camp for teens. That’s because the program is specifically designed for rehabilitation. Following the recommendation of qualified therapists and experienced mentors, troubled teens in Pennsylvania can begin healing once more.

There are plenty of reasons why parents from Pennsylvania and across the state are looking at Liahona Academy after they call 1-855-587-1416.

Teens Could Be Served From Various Pennsylvania Cities, Such As:

Philadelphia, Bensalem, Allentown, Shaler Township, Ross Township, Pittsburgh, Mount Lebanon, Levittown, Williamsport, Harrisburg, Erie, Bethlehem, Lower Merion, Lancaster, Altoona, Radnor, Drexel Hill, Scranton, Norristown, Bethel Park, Wilkes-Barre, York, Chester, Upper Darby, Penn Hills, Reading and Monroeville.

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