Summer Camps for Troubled Teens in Texas

While summer camps are just fine for Texas teenagers who want to experience a fun time in a rustic setting learning outdoors skills and crafts, it is not an appropriate place for troubled teens that need professional therapy and close monitoring as they work through some of their toughest issues. It’s true that summer camps for troubled teens in Texas may claim to be able to help bad kids become better, but these claims are often not based in reality. Therapeutic boarding school is the right place for Texas troubled boys, because they are carefully structured to rehabilitate and heal teens with mental health issues, behavior problems and emotional stress. Parents would do well to look into resident boarding schools instead of summer camps.

The experts at Liahona Academy will be pleased to take questions from interested Texas parents about educating and healing their troubled teen boys. Simply call 1-855-587-1416 to learn more about Liahona Academy.

What Does Liahona Academy Offer Families of Troubled Teens?

When teen boys can’t make it work at home and at school, there’s no better way to overcome their problems than by attending Liahona Academy. Providing attention, structure and support, Liahona Academy staff members know how to reach even the hardest boys. This residential boarding school allows teens a safe place to work out their problems and untangle all their emotions and behaviors until they are understood and overcome. It’s no secret that Liahona Academy possesses a fine reputation in the teen help community about all their outstanding results

Far too many teens are faced with mental health issues such as depression, ADD/ADHD, addictions, anxiety, bipolar, substance abuse, abuse trauma, oppositional defiant disorder and so much more. It’s hard enough to be a teenager anyhow, but when challenges are compounded with such disorders, parents often cannot deal with it on their own. Liahona Academy has qualified staff members with training and certifications that help teens make those positive changes in their lives. Changing behavioral problems doesn’t happen from the outside with punishments, but from within by overcoming the triggers that cause the behavior in the first place. Liahona Academy is the first step toward healing

Texas Teen Statistics Showing Risky Behavior

Texas parents may want to sign up at the first summer camp for teenage boys in Texas, thinking that the change of scenery might do good things for them. But there are plenty of warning signs and red flags for parents to look out for that signal that teens need much more help than some time in the woods. Even if teens are willing to accept professional help, it may not be enough to combat the fear and frustration they feel. Too many Texas teens engage in risky behavior to deal with their problems.

These statistics reflect Texas teens who need help:

  • 5 percent of TX teens abuse prescription drugs
  • 32 percent of American teenagers have had a drink of alcohol within the last four weeks
  • 40 percent of teen boys in the USA have experimented with marijuana
  • Only 89 percent of Texas teenagers ever graduate each year
  • Ranking in the nation for suicides: 42nd

Whether it can cause harm to themselves or to others around them, teenagers with bad behavior cannot be allowed to continue on without some sort of intervention. Parents who ignore their children’s activities will only regret it down the road. It’s never too late to enroll a teen boy into a therapeutic resident school so that he can start the process of recovery.

Summer Camps for Troubled Teens in Texas Lack The Results Shown By Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Parents of Texas teens in trouble have to exercise caution in choosing a teen help program that will simply not do the job they hope for. In other words, without doing adequate research, parents may be mistakenly led to believe that summer camps for troubled teens in Texas may be the way for their sons to get therapeutic and academic help while they are struggling. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Summer camps for troubled teens in Texas are generally boot camps or wilderness camps that make big promises about turning kids around after just a few weeks or months. The focus is on activities and outdoor adventure as a way to get kids to stop behaving badly. While recreation therapy is a big part of teen help programs, it can’t be the only component. Academics and therapy are equally important and play a big part in long-term healing.

Here is a list of 7 things that resident boarding schools offer teenagers in Texas that summer camps cannot:

  • Therapy: Individual and group sessions
  • Skilled staff: Licensed therapists and certified teachers work closely with teens
  • Academic emphasis: Teens can keep going in school, repair credit, and make progress toward a high school diploma
  • Recreation therapy: From music, drama, art, sports, outdoor recreation, equine therapy and more, teens get to learn more about themselves and develop self-confidence.
  • Life skills: Teens need to learn how to care for themselves, and at boarding school they take responsibility for chores, laundry, cooking, budgets, service and leadership.
  • Family relations: Teens spend time repairing damaged family relationships and learning what healthy relationships with family and friends is like.
  • Transitioning: Teens learn what it takes to be successful in an adult world and they are given the tools they need to transition out of the school and into real life.

Texas teenagers who arrive at a resident group home or therapy school are going to have long-term success over the teenagers that spend a summer at camp and don’t get the same education and therapy. Places like Liahona Academy are always going to be better for troubled teen boys because the programs are comprehensive and get to the heart of the problems that each child struggles with. Parents of Texas teens are definitely going to like how their sons handle life’s challenges after graduating from Liahona Academy.

Don’ t Make the Mistake of Overlooking Liahona Academy For Your Teen

Texas parents want what is best for their teen sons and will fight for them every step of the way. To get the best therapeutic boarding program out there, all they need to do is research Liahona Academy. With high standards, strict regulations for operation and plenty of success stories, Liahona Academy will not only impress parents, but excite them with all that it can do for their sons. Even though it is a hard decision to make, parents in Texas can feel comforted knowing that their troubled teen is in a safe and structured school that is dedicated to health and healing.

To find additional information about Liahona Academy, parents of Texas troubled teenagers should call 1-855-587-1416.

Teens in These Texas Cities are Eligible To Attend Liahona Academy

Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Austin, El Paso, Plano, Corpus Christi, Arlington, Lubbock, Laredo, Garland, Irving, Amarillo, Brownsville, Grand Prairie, Pasadena, Mesquite and more.

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