Teen Violence Articles

While power struggles and arguments with your teen are a normal part of the adolescent years, violence and extreme aggression can leave you feeling out of your element. It is not uncommon for parents to feel intimidated raising a teen at risk for harming himself or others. Some even hesitate to seek help or support because they feel that having a severely troubled teen is a negative reflection of their parenting skills. While researchers have identified some potential causes for teen violence, they are reluctant to refer to them as anything other than risk factors. Every teen is unique and there is rarely one single reason they become violent.

Parents seeking answers will fare best when they arm themselves with knowledge. Understanding what might be driving your teen’s violence can help you eliminate or reduce risk factors, while learning how to handle your teen’s aggression. This collection of articles is a consolidated list of the best resources and information you need in order to understand your teen and help him learn more effective coping techniques. Being as informed as possible will help you get your child back on the path to a happy and successful future. 

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