Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens in Utah

If you are a parent of a troubled teen in Utah, you may not know where to turn as you watch your son's behavior become more rebellious, negative, and even harmful to himself and others.
Why not turn to Liahona Academy, one of the top residential treatment centers (similar to a therapeutic boarding school) for troubled teens in Utah? When troubled teen boys need professional help to overcome their  issues, Liahona Academy has what it takes to provide therapeutic and academic support for emotional behavioral and mental health issues in troubled teens.

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Why Liahona Academy Is Great For Teens In Utah?

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center (similar to a therapeutic boarding school) that accepts troubled teens from Utah and all over the country. We provide extensive therapeutic recovery via our unique program that gives boys the structure and support they need. All too often, troubled boys make very bad decisions and in no time they are on the fast track for far too many negative consequences. Every boy deserves another chance at health and happiness, and at Liahona Academy, we put our 15 years of experience to the test and do what it takes to help each and every teen boy.

How Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah Benefit Teens

Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys in Utah are safe, structured places where teens can get out of their current negative environment. Instead of battling tired parents, frustrated teachers and lots of peer pressure, troubled teens can work with highly skilled staff members who are trained to deal with troubled teens that exhibit a range of issues

Some of the more common teen behavioral, emotional and mental heath issues we treat at Liahona Academy include:

Through traditional & recreational hands-on therapy, we offer daily challenges and a unique programs toward recovery, troubled teens will be able to gain an understanding of the problems and issues they are facing as well as a new, positive outlook on life.

There are 3 components that combine to create our successful program at Liahona Academy:

  • Therapy: Thanks to professional, licensed and certified therapists and counselors, teen boys at Liahona Academy receive both one-on-one therapy sessions as well as group therapy. The teens learn new coping skills for how to handle their challenges, and they get to examine the real root of their bad behavior.
  • Academics: With licensed and experienced teachers, students at Liahona Academy can get caught up to their grade, maintain a steady learning pace, and even prepare for college or vocational training thanks to individualized learning plans created for each teen.
  • Recreation: Because Liahona Academy is located in beautiful southern Utah, there are a range of outdoor activities that feature prominently in the adventure therapy portion of our program, such as hiking, camping, mountain biking, snow skiing and rock climbing.

You should also know that the state of Utah has enacted a series of laws that regulate the teen help industry and they are some of the strictest in the nation. Liahona Academy exceeds all the laws and regulations for teen therapy facilities. Parents can find peace of mind when their son is enrolled at Liahona Academy, because they know it is truly one of the best in the country.

Statistics on Teens Who Could Benefit From Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah

We strongly recommend Liahona Academy to parents of troubled teens in Utah seeking help from therapeutic boarding schools. When teen boys who suffer from emotional and other health behavioral issues and don't receive professional help, their behavior can lead to all kinds of negative consequences.

Here are some of the growing challenges that Utah teens face:

  • ADD/ADHD: 6.7% of Utah children are diagnosed each year. (2007 study, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2007 Study).
  • Suicide: National suicide ranking: 10th. (CDC's WISQARS website "Fatal Injury Reports, 2010")
  • Substance Abuse: More than 18%of Utah teens abuse alcohol; 9% binge drink; 10% use marijuana and 7.2% use illicit drugs. (Utah Office of Adolescent Health, 2011)
  • Juvenile Arrests: There were 2,125 juvenile arrests for property crime, 122 for violent crime, 563 for drug abuse and 120 for weapons violations. (Washington, DC: Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2009)
  • Teen Pregnancy: Approximately 30.7 and 39.0 per 1,000 women between 14 and 19 years old get pregnant in Utah. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2009 Study)
  • Graduation Rates: Utah has only a 76% high school graduation rate. (U.S. Department of Education, Graduation Rates 2010-2011)

In Utah, there are plenty of teenagers who are having difficulties, and at Liahona Academy, we are confident that our program will provide troubled teen boys with the recovery they need.

Liahona Academy is a Successful Residential Treatment Center In Utah

We know there is nothing you won’t do to get your son the help needed to overcome issues and become a happy, healthy adult. Parents with troubled teen boys who can no longer ignore the problems should not delay in enrolling them in either a therapeutic boarding school or a residential treatment center like Liahona Academy. While teens may not appreciate the change in their lives right away, eventually they will recognize the importance of attending a school like Liahona Academy and how the school helped them become their best possible selves.

Call Liahona Academy today at 1-800-675-8101 and speak with us about therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers in Utah.

Liahona Academy is Currently Serving Troubled Boys In Utah From All Over the State, Including the Following Cities:

Salt Lake City, Ogden, St. George, Logan, Provo, Park City, Moab, Bountiful, Payson, Layton, Brigham City, Cedar City, Ephraim, Clearfield, Orem, Nephi, Vernal, North Ogden, Sandy, West Valley City, Lehi, West Jordan, Draper, Tooele, and South Jordan.

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