Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens from New Jersey

Are you a New Jersey parent who is desperately searching for answers on how to help your troubled teenage son? If you are growing increasingly worried about his bad behavior and his emotional and mental condition, it's time to get him some professional therapeutic help. Why don't you take a look at therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers for troubled teens from New Jersey? Offering therapeutic, academic and social structure and support, therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers have high success rates. Liahona Academy is one such program - a residential treatment center - and we welcome troubled teen boys from across the country, including New Jersey.

Liahona Academy can offer the help and support your troubled teen son is in need of, so give us a call at 1-855-587-1416 to get more information.

Why Liahona Academy?

New Jersey troubled teens can really benefit from therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers like Liahona Academy. We are an all boys therapeutic treatment facility with more than 15 years of experience. Our philosophy is that every boy deserves a chance to overcome his emotional, behavioral and mental health issues in order to move toward a brighter future. We provide professional therapy, academic schooling and social activities, all in a family-style live-in situation. As you are looking at different programs, consider Liahona Academy.

Parents who enroll their sons in Liahona Academy have another reason to feel confident in their decision. There are many therapeutic boarding schools all over the country, but different states have enacted a range of laws to govern and regulate them. Some states are very lax, while others are strict. Liahona Academy is located in southern Utah, and Utah is one of the state with strict laws. This means that there is a very high standard that Utah teen help programs must meet in order to operate. You can have peace of mind knowing that your son is at Liahona Academy and benefitting from the excellent level of care mandated by the state of Utah.

Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens in New Jersey

When teen boys start to engage in risky behavior, it can jeopardize their home life, school life and even get them in trouble with the law. If you want to make sure your teen son gets the best help out there for his issues, then a therapeutic boarding school may be the right place. Even if you have tried other forms of treatment for your son, therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers are valid options, and of course at Liahona Academy, we believe that every teen deserves a second chance.

For parents who are not familiar with exactly what therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys from New Jersey actually offer, it can seem confusing and scary to consider enrolling your son. However, once you get more familiar with what therapeutic boarding schools can do for troubled teens, you will feel more comfortable in deciding which one is right for your family.

Here are some of the benefits of therapeutic boarding schools:

  • Removes teens from negative friends, frustrated teachers and tense home life into a neutral atmosphere.
  • Provides a safe and structured place for teens to spend time getting the help they need.
  • Requires teens to live in dorms or family style settings where they take on responsibilities like cooking, cleaning and other chores.
  • Schedules personal and group therapy sessions with a licensed and experienced therapist.
  • Offers high school classes taught by licensed teachers where students can catch up to their grade and even finish high school.
  • Organizes social activities and recreational therapy so teens can build self-esteem, develop healthy relationships with peers and leaders, and learn to set and achieve goals.
  • Teaches life skills like budgeting, job interviews and more so teens can transition successfully to adulthood.

Therapeutic boarding schools have the main goal of helping youth recover from emotional and mental issues. with education as a major focus as well. How do you know if your teenage son is in need of a therapeutic boarding school or treatment program? When his behavior moves beyond typical teenage rebellion and into activities that are harmful to himself and others. there are numerous emotional, behavioral and mental health issues that can trigger bad behavior and need professional therapy to sort out. Typical issues include depression, anxiety, low confidence, abuse trauma, substance abuse, bipolar, ADD/ADHD, oppositional defiance disorder, anger issues and more. For these long-term issues, a long-term teen help program is the solution.

When Teens Don't Attend Schools for Troubled Boys in New Jersey

All too often, troubled teens ruin their bright futures by participating in risky behaviors to try to fit in, mask pain, rebel or just to feel the thrill of excitement. However, these risky behaviors can lead to permanent consequences. Without the structure and support of a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment program, your troubled teen son could start to behave badly and get into ever increasing trouble.

Here is a list of some risky behaviors that New Jersey teens are doing:

  • Alcohol use: 20.6% of New Jersey teens abuse alcohol
  • Binge drinking: 11.7% of New Jersey teens admit to binge drinking in the past 30 days
  • Marijuana use: 7.3% of New Jersey teens use marijuana.
  • Illicit drug use: 4.5% of New Jersey teens use illicit drugs.
  • Juvenile arrests: In one year there were 925 arrests for property crime and 332 arrests for violent crime.
  • Suicide: New Jersey ranks 48th in the nation for teen suicide.
  • Graduation rates: New Jersey has an 83% high school graduation rate.

No parent wants to see their teenager engage in risky behaviors and jeopardize their future or their health. That's why the safe and structured atmosphere of a residential treatment program or a therapeutic boarding school is so beneficial to troubled teens. They don't have the opportunity to get into much trouble at a residential facility and often because of the new location, teens don't have the network f friends or the same bad habits and routines they did before. Liahona Academy wants to be the program for your son, so please call us to see what we can do to help.

Liahona Academy is a Better Choice Than Therapeutic Boarding Schools in New Jersey

There are plenty of teen help programs out there, from wilderness camps and boot camps to therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers. When you are looking around for the facility that is best able to handle your teenager's emotional, behavioral and mental health issues, please consider all the benefits that Liahona Academy offers. Besides our focus on academic, therapeutic and social development, we believe that all teens should get a chance at a better life. Sometimes the best thing for your son is to enroll him in a program like ours. It may seem to you like you are sending him "away" but you are really sending him "toward" a brighter future where your family is brought together in peace and harmony once again.

Liahona Academy is a better choice than therapeutic boarding schools in New Jersey for a number of reasons and we would love to talk to you about them all. We have lots of success stories to share with you from parents and teens who have successfully graduated from our program. Won't you take the time to talk with us about how we can help your troubled teen son?

Liahona Academy offers free consultations and advice for parents seeking information about successful residential treatment and therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens in New Jersey, so call us at 1-855-587-1416 today.

Liahona Academy Serves Troubled Teens from the Following Cities in New Jersey

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