Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Replace Negative Influences with Positive Ones

When children are very young their role models are their parents, other family members, and caregivers. As children grow and venture out into the world as teenagers and young adults, teachers, coaches and peers also influence their lives. Role models are important because they help us to form our ethical and moral value systems. They have an influence on what we believe, how we behave, and even on the products we buy and the clothes we choose to wear. Role models serve as an example and an inspiration.

Teens and Role Models

Once children reach the teen years, they encounter many negative role models in their friends and classmates, and people in the news, such as athletes, entertainers, and even characters from movies, TV shows, and video games. The problem with celebrity role models is that they often get attention for their bad behavior. Teen peer groups imitate these bad behaviors and pressure each other to conform to their distorted values. These negative role models often have a stronger influence on teens than the positive role models they see at home.

Parents and Troubled Teens Need Help

Teens with emotional or psychological problems find it even more difficult to deal with their personal issues when they are bombarded with negative influences, or find themselves in a hostile environment, such as school where they are being bullied, or where drugs and alcohol are easily available.

When a teen acts out with aggressive and rebellious behavior, gets into trouble at school, or starts to abuse alcohol or drugs, parents realize that their teen needs help. Usually parents seek help from school counselors and therapists, who can discuss behaviors and emotional or psychological issues with the teen. This can be helpful, but may not be enough to fully address the teen’s problems, or bring about behavioral changes.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Provide Positive Influences for Teens

Often the best solution is to remove teens from their environment and get them away from the negative influences they face every day, and the bad habits they’ve developed. A therapeutic boarding school is a good place for teens to start over in a positive environment. They can get the help they need with emotional, psychological and social problems, and work on their education, all while living in a safe space that offers recreational and social activities.

Liahona Treatment Center Helps Troubled Boys

Liahona Treatment Center is a therapeutic boarding school that helps troubled boys, from ages 12-17. We provide programs for therapy, academics, recreation and entertainment. Our staff includes a medical doctor, nurses, and therapists who are all licensed and board-certified. Liahona Treatment Center offers individual, group, and family therapy. The academic program is personalized to each student’s individualized needs, and classes are taught by state accredited teachers.

Our qualified and experienced therapists and teachers help teens with reshaping their attitudes, behaviors, and social interactions. Our staff members serve as constant and consistent positive role models.

Teens at Liahona Benefit from Therapy, Academics, and Extracurricular Activities

At Liahona, along with therapy and academic classes, students learn about nutrition and physical fitness, they receive leadership training, and participate in group activities and service projects. They are held accountable for their actions with daily behavioral evaluations.They are encouraged to become good role models for each other.

Our treatment center is located in southern Utah, where we are able to offer recreational opportunities such as camping, hiking, water skiing, and swimming. Teens benefit from these healthy and wholesome activities, both physically and mentally, and they realize they can feel good and have fun without drugs, alcohol, or destructive behaviors.

Liahona Gives Teens a New Start

Completely removing teens from negative influences and bad habits, gives them a chance to start over. With therapy, they can resolve personal issues, and learn to relate to their family and friends. With a personalized academic plan, they can improve their grades and attitudes about learning. With social and recreational activities, they can learn to interact with other teens and enjoy healthy activities. With positive role models all around them, they will learn about the values and qualities that make a person someone who truly should be admired.

If you would like to learn more about Liahona Treatment Center and how we can help your teen, contact us today.

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