Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Utah Create Life Changing Experiences

The adolescent years are a particularly formative time of growth and development in the life of an individual. When a teen participates in damaging behaviors, it can greatly impact their ability to create healthy relationships or function effectively at home and school. Because many teens with severe behavioral issues are resistant to outpatient efforts by their parents and other authority figures, outside intervention may be needed. Full time care programs like residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools are often the solution for troubled teens. These facilities are designed to be an immersive healing environment where boys can leave behind the triggers and temptations of home and focus on making positive changes with the help of trained and supportive staff. Such programs specialize in issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, defiance and mental disorders. Therapeutic boarding schools in Utah create life changing experiences for teens who have not responded to any other treatment options.

How Do I Choose The Best Therapeutic Facility?

Choosing the right facility is often an intimidating prospect. Because it is a major financial and emotional investment, you want to ensure that the one you choose is a good fit for your son and will offer you peace of mind. Most programs offer a mixture of therapy modalities, including individual, group and family, but some also provide additional opportunities such as recreational activities, life skills coaching and academic assistance that are all designed to help teens learn to live a healthy balance of work and play. There are other factors to consider as you research therapeutic boarding schools in Utah:

  • Safety – Each state has different rules and requirements regarding teen help programs. Explore the regulations in the states you are considering, to ensure that your potential facilities have the highest standards possible. Utah currently has the most comprehensive and strict laws governing the industry and is a popular choice for parents seeking both experience and peace of mind.
  • Individual Attention – Seek out programs that will individualize a plan of care for your son based on his specific needs. Consistent one-on-one coaching offers the most effective method of healing for students with every type of challenge. Not only are they able to build trust and practice healthy relationships with authority figures, but individual attention will also allow the staff to regularly update your teen’s plan of care as he works his way through the program.
  • Parental Involvement – As the parent, you are the expert on your child and an effective facility will respect your input and keep you fully informed of their methods and goals for your son. Although many programs require some distance during the initial stages of your teen’s stay so he can focus on his new surroundings, your input and involvement should be valued and requested. A good facility will also provide transitional care and support for the whole family when your son returns home, to help him maintain all of his hard work.

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center located in southern Utah. We are dedicated to helping troubled teen boys throughout the country gain the skills they need to make positive long term changes and become healthy and happy. For questions about our program, or a free consultation, please call us at 1-855-587-1416.

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