Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys in Arkansas

Arkansas parents want to see their children grow into confident young adults who don't struggle with behavioral, mental, and emotional health issues. However, when their teenage boys are suffering at school and home, and aren't getting professional help for their problems, it can leave parents feeling very frustrating, worried, helpless, and in search of a therapeutic boarding school for their son.

A residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school for Arkansas’ troubled boys may be the answer for teens who aren't doing well in traditional schools and are having a hard time living at home. Liahona Academy is a teen help facility that accepts boys from Arkansas and provides them with academic, therapeutic and recreational opportunities to turn over a new leaf.

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Why Is Liahona Academy a Great Option Over Local Therapeutic Boarding Schools?

Parents of troubled boys in Arkansas can be hard pressed to find viable help options for their child. That's where Liahona Academy enters the picture. A residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school provides a safe and structured place for troubled teens to get therapy, help in school and with social interactions from authority figures to family members. Liahona Academy blends all these factors into a program that turns a teen boy's life around and helps him become a healthy, hopeful young man.

Liahona Academy is held to the most strict standards for teen help facilities in the nation. This means that other residential treatment centers that might be located closer to you probably don't have the same high standards, because the state laws there are not as strict. In Utah, only the best schools are allowed to operate, so you know that Liahona Academy is a safe and successful place for your son.

Benefits of A Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Boys from Arkansas

When you recognize that a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center offers the best chance of success for your troubled teen son, it's time to locate one that will best meet your family's needs. Teens struggle with a number of issues, and schools designed to help troubled teens have the best chance of healing them. Typical issues are ADD/ADHD, anger issues, mood disorders, abuse trauma, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and more. It is in these cases that parents need to consider the excellent care that can be provided for troubled boys in Arkansas by a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center.

Parents should understand all the different benefits that a residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools offer troubled boys. Some of the best programs include these components to create a successful recovery program:

  1. Structure. Our residential treatment center offers both support and discipline that troubled teenage boys need to face overcome emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges.
  2. Therapy. Licensed therapists lead constructive therapy sessions to understand the source of each teen boy's problems.
  3. Academics. Certified teachers help teens catch up in school and work toward a high school diploma. After-school activities like sports, art, music and more are also part of the program.
  4. Recreation. Recreation therapy is a chance for boys to have fun, boost self-esteem, develop their character and build relationships.
  5. Life Skills. Becoming an adult is tough, but teens learn about life skills like cooking, budgeting, cleaning, teamwork, service and more.

While it seems overwhelming to send your son to a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center for troubled teens in Arkansas, the truth is that he will be better off in the hands of professionals with years of experience in helping teens to heal and plan for their future. Trust the professionals of Liahona Academy and know that we are here to help all Arkansas parents of troubled boys.

Troubled Teens Face More Difficulties Without Help From Residential Treatment Centers or Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Typically, teens who receive therapy for different mental and emotional issues are able to start a new chapter in life and avoid risky behaviors. This is one of the great benefits to enrolling in a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center. However, troubles Arkansas teens who don't get help from residential treatments or therapeutic boarding schools can quickly get into trouble with school and with law enforcement. They can also endanger themselves and others.

Here are some of the risky behaviors that Arkansas teens may get involved in unless they get professional help:

  • Alcohol abuse is amongst 13.1% of Arkansas teens
  • 8.6% of Arkansas teens are using marijuana and other illicit drugs
  • In one year there were 1640 arrests for violent and property crime combined.
  • Teen suicide in Arkansas is 17th in the nation.
  • Only 81% of Arkansas teens finish high school

Troubled teens in Arkansas will really benefit from a residential treatment center and the specialized help they can receive there. Parents shouldn't wait until their teenager's behavior is so bad that they are suspended form school or facing juvenile court. Instead, getting help early in the process means that the teens have the best chances of success in changing their behavior and overcoming their issues.

It’s Likely Better to Choose Liahona Academy Over Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Arkansas

Liahona Academy creates a supervised, safe environment that promotes change in a positive manner. Your troubled teen son will be surrounded by peers who are working on similar struggles, and they will all be guided by licensed, qualified teachers, therapists, mentors and counselors. Sometimes, it takes a change of location and a dramatic shift in authority to cause change. We've found that Arkansas boys who attend Liahona Academy thrive, thanks to getting out of their home and school.

Parents with sons who attend therapeutic boarding schools or a residential treatment center like Liahona Academy know that this is their best shot at dealing with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues and look forward to the time when their teen son no longer struggles. Arkansas troubled teens are surrounded by professional staff members at Liahona Academy, for therapy, academics, recreation and more. Our goal is to help get your child back on track in regards to his life and his future.

The professionals of Liahona Academy understand how difficult it can be to send your child to a residential treatment center for help. Please consider calling Liahona Academy now for a free consultation at 1-855-587-1416.


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