Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Boys From Los Angeles, California

Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Boys From Los Angeles, California

For troubled boys from Los Angeles, California therapeutic boarding schools are a wonderful opportunity that should be taken advantage of. Though Liahona Academy is not a therapeutic boarding school, they offer many of the same beneficial programs to troubled boys from Los Angeles, CA. For more information on Liahona Academy, call our admissions office at 1-855-587-1416 today.

Troubled boys from Los Angeles often struggle expressing that are in need of help dealing with personal issues in their lives. Sometimes, they don’t even realize there is an issue that needs to be solved. Some of these issues can include behavioral issues, emotional issues, drug and substance addiction, and family or adoption issues. These issues create negative habits, in teens, which can be destructive to you and your family. If these negative habits are not addressed and taken care of in a timely manner, they can grow increasingly worse and will become harder to reverse. As the Therapeutic Boarding Schools | Los Angelesparent of a troubled teen, it is your job to look for consistent changes in your child’s behavior that could be hinting at his need for a therapeutic boarding school.

Signs Troubled Boys May Be in Need of Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Lack of motivation
Risk Taking behaviors
Eating disorders- obesity
Problems with authority
Lacking performance in school and other activities
Drug or alcohol use and abuse
Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD
Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that offers similar programs and help as therapeutic boarding schools. At Liahona Academy, we focus on providing professional guidance and counseling that bring out greater results in your troubled boy from Los Angeles. Along with therapeutic help, we provide an excellent academic recovery program that allows our teens to pace themselves, which can help relieve stress. We want to make sure that your child can adapt to living away from their current environment and making the necessary changes that we expect of them and that they will eventually expect of themselves.

Liahona Academy Can Help Troubled Boys From Los Angeles, California

The faculty and staff at Liahona Academy have a deep understanding of the struggles that families of troubled boys from Los Angeles have to endure. We can help your troubled teen make positive changes in his life. Call Liahona Academy today for more information on therapeutic boarding schools at 1-855-587-1416

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