Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys in Louisiana

When teen boys in Louisiana struggle with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues, it makes it harder for them to succeed in traditional schools and at home. At that point, it's common for many parents look to therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys in Louisiana as a way to get their teens the professional therapeutic and academic help they need.

Residential treatment centers (much like therapeutic boarding schools) are staffed with caring professionals who are dedicated to giving teens a second chance at a brighter future. Liahona Academy offers programs that can provide great benefits to troubled boys from Louisiana and is an excellent choice for parents seeking help for their teenage boy.

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How We Create Results in Boys From Louisiana

Liahona Academy offers all kinds of programs that help troubled teenage boys in Louisiana make changes in their life, learn to deal with their issues and plan for their future. Our activities are designed to boost self-esteem, progress in school, get mental health counseling, facilitate teamwork and help troubled teen boys set and achieve life goals. We know that right now you, like many Louisiana parents, feel confused and overwhelmed about what treatment program or therapeutic boarding school to enroll your son in, and we want you to consider Liahona Academy. We've helped hundreds of families with troubled teenagers get back on the right track and open up the doors to a brighter future.

Liahona Academy (a residential treatment center) also offers an advantage that therapeutic boarding schools in Louisiana can't. Each state has passed different levels of laws and regulations concerning teen therapy programs, and some are strict while others are quite lax. Because we are in Utah, we follow some of the toughest laws in the nation regulating the teen help industry. You can feel confident that your teen son is being well-cared for knowing that he is in Utah at Liahona Academy.

Locating The Right Residential Treatment Center of Therapeutic Boarding School For Troubled Boys in Louisiana

Residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools can be helpful to troubled boys from Louisiana that are in need of intervention and support. For many parents, it is hard for them to accept that moving their troubled boy away from home and into a new, safe and secure environment that can help create a stable foundation for them to build a new life on top of. The good news is that teen boys who attend therapeutic boarding schools out of their home state can actually gain tremendous benefits.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Removed from friends who are bad influences
  • Starting over in a situation where the teen has no negative reputation
  • Away from frustrated teachers and worried parents
  • Professionally trained mentors to help teens make changes
  • Living in a group situation allows each teen to contribute
  • Recreational activities teach teens how to have fun and gain self-confidence
  • Smaller classes with teachers who specialize in special education
  • Licensed therapists conduct group and individual therapy sessions

Carefully begin researching residential treatment options like Liahona Academy and therapeutic boarding schools if your teenager is struggling with real life altering issues. These challenges won't go away on their own and teen boys who struggle really need professional intervention to get them to a manageable level.

Issues Teens Face Without Attending Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Today's teenage boys have lots of issues that they must deal with, whether emotionally, behaviorally or some kind of mental health challenge. Just a few of the more common issues that teens face include ADD/ADHD, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, abuse trauma, aggression and anger issues, and many more. When teens don't get the professional help they need form therapists to combat the issues, they often turn to risky behaviors to make the pain and frustration they feel.

Here are just a few statistics about Louisiana teens and risky behavior:

  • Alcohol use: 19.3% of Louisiana teens abuse alcohol
  • Binge drinking: 12% of Louisiana teens are binge drinking
  • Drug use: Marijuana use in Louisiana teens is at 5.8% while other illicit drug use is at 5.9%
  • Juvenile arrests: In one year, there were 1,564 arrests for property crime and 603 arrests for violent crime
  • Suicide: Louisiana ranks 32nd in teen suicides for the nation
  • Graduation rates: Only 71% of Louisiana teens graduate from high school

Residential treatment and therapeutic boarding schools for boys provide a structured environment where trained staff members work with the teens to learn new behaviors in connection with their particular challenges. No matter what challenges your teenage son is facing, it's important that he get some professional therapy in a safe and secure atmosphere where there's no room for risky behavior. We're sure that Liahona Academy would be a good match for his needs.

Liahona Academy Assists Troubled Boys From Louisiana

Liahona Academy has helped in the rehabilitation of troubled boys from all over the nation, including Louisiana. Much like therapeutic boarding schools, Liahona Academy (a residential treatment center) offers a wide variety of programs that can help teens to overcome personal struggles. We have trained staff members, including teachers, therapists and mentors, who know what it's like to work with troubled teen boys, and we have a high success rate. Liahona Academy also provides excellent academic recovery programs that help troubled teens to get back on track in school and gain back credits that may have been lost during this difficult time in their life.

At Liahona Academy, our goal is to see troubled boys from Louisiana succeed and grow as an individual. We want to help return your happy and smiling child back to you. As a parent, continue your research on residential treatment and therapeutic boarding schools but make sure to include Liahona Academy as one of your options. Like many Louisiana parents, we hope you find that it is indeed the right fit for you and your troubled boy.

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