Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys From Maryland

Seeking a successful therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys from Maryland can be an overwhelming task, but parents who really want to help their teenage sons won't stop until they find the best place. If you are researching boarding schools in Maryland, we recommend you check out Liahona Academy - a residential treatment center for troubled teen boys. We are a qualified teen help facility with a comprehensive program that combines therapy, academics and recreational therapy to give teen boys a chance to make significant changes to their behavior.

Call Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416 to know more about our all-boys treatment center for troubled teens in Maryland.

Why Liahona Academy Is The Best Choice For Residential Treatment For Your Troubled Teen

Sometimes troubled teens need to be removed from their current environment. However, many Maryland parents don't consider searching beyond therapeutic boarding schools in their state. Located just a short flight from Maryland, it is far enough away to provide positive benefits to troubled teens. Liahona Academy is the perfect location for troubled youth to experience adventure and recreational therapy like hiking, camping, boating, fishing and more. We love watching troubled youth learn new skills and develop abilities in dealing with their issues and we're here to lead the way.

Our program abides by extremely strict laws that regulate the troubled teen support industry, so parents feel more comfortable sending their troubled youth to Liahona Academy, knowing that we meet some of the highest teaching standards fro schools in the country. All these reasons and more are why many Maryland parents are choosing Liahona Academy as the right place for their teen sons.

Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Maryland

Therapeutic boarding schools work by combining the traditional academics of regular boarding schools with effective therapeutic interventions to assist troubled teens. Troubled boys from Maryland can maintain a classroom feel and at the same time, overcome personal issues that they have struggled with on their own, whether those issues be emotional, behavioral, substance and addiction issues, or academic issues. At Liahona Academy, our residential treatment center offers many of the same benefits of a therapeutic boarding school, plus more.

Liahona Academy's unique and effective program includes:

  • Individual and group therapy with a licensed therapist.
  • Academic instruction from a licensed teacher.
  • Opportunity to earn their high school diploma.
  • Self-improvement courses and leadership seminars
  • Nutrition classes
  • Fitness education
  • Behavior assessments every day
  • Recreational therapy
  • Community service activities

Coming to a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment program like Liahona can really help troubled boys to understand themselves and discover who they want to be. The extra assistance with personal struggles helps teens emotionally, mentally and academically. Liahona Academy employs licensed, professional staff members as therapists, mentors and counselors with experience in working with kids who struggle with ADD, ADHD, adoption or abandonment issues, trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, substance abuse and more. No matter how bad a teen's behavior, every teen deserves another chance.

Troubled Teen Issues in Maryland Where Boarding Schools May Help

There are so many complicated issues that teens in Maryland face today, that it's no wonder they are making bad choices sometimes. Unfortunately, without professional help, teens can start down the path of risky behaviors and get more and more involved, making things even worse.

These statistics for at-risk activities for Maryland teens are startling:

  • High school graduation: Maryland has an 83% graduation rate.
  • Drug use: 37% of Maryland teens use marijuana.
  • Alcohol use: 23% of Maryland teens use alcohol and 18% report binge drinking.
  • Teen suicide: Maryland ranks 45th in the nation for teen suicides.
  • Property crime: 2,073 juvenile arrests in one year.
  • Violent crime: 608 juvenile arrests for violent crime.

You can help prevent your teenage son from becoming one of these statistics when you choose to enroll him in a therapeutic school like Liahona Academy. Far too many teens go through adolescence without getting professional help for their behavioral and mental health issues. Remember that it doesn’t make you a bad parent to send your child from Maryland to an out-of-state boarding school or treatment program. In fact, it’s a brave act that is being done for his own good. Let's work together on getting your teen back on track.

Liahona Academy is One Of The Best Choices Over Maryland Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys

Liahona Academy can provide so many benefits to troubled boys that you should not limit yourself to only checking out schools for troubled boys in Maryland. Liahona Academy has the experience and success rate to be your top choice. Our professional, licensed staff wants to see every boy that comes to stay with us learn, grow and eventually leave us as a confident, healthy young man. Let us help you with the burden of worrying about your teenager and do what we do best--provide the best opportunity for troubled youth to rehabilitate.

If you are looking for a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment plan that is more effective than Maryland boarding schools, check out Liahona Academy and see why we might be the best choice for you and your family. More information is available about our program when you call 1-855-587-1416.

Parents of Troubled Teenage Boys in Maryland Can Seek Treatment from Therapeutic Boarding Schools from the Following Cities:

Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, Silver Spring, Dundalk, Wheaton-Glenmont, Frederick, Ellicott City, Germantown, Bethesda, Towson, Bowie, Hagerstown, Aspen Hill, Rockville, Potomac, Catonsville, Woodlawn, Bel Air, South Essex, Gaithersburg , Glen Burnie, North Bethesda, Montgomery Village, Oxon Hill, Glassmanor



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