Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys From Minnesota

What can a Minnesota parent do when they see their teenage boy behaving badly, failing school and even getting in troubled with the law? Often, the cause of this behavior is emotion based behavioral issues sometimes caused by mental health issues that require professional treatment from a therapist. When teenagers transform from happy and energetic kids to rebellious, angry and frustrated teens, it is hard enough, but when you add complex issues into that, the teenagers really need more than just discipline from parents and teachers to make real changes.

If you are a Minnesota parent with a teenager that isn't finding success in a traditional school and home life, it may be smart to consider a residential treatment program or therapeutic boarding school. Troubled boys from Minnesota find great treatment options from therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers like Liahona Academy. With more than 15 years of experience, we know what it takes to get troubled boys back on the path to success.

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How Liahona Academy Can Help Troubled Boys From Minnesota?

Liahona Academy is a live-in treatment program for teen boys ages 12 through 17. We accept boys from Minnesota and all over the country. As a residential treatment center (similar to a therapeutic boarding school) for troubled boys in Minnesota, we provide the academic, therapeutic and social programs to give boys a second chance at a bright future. We've helped hundreds of families who had lost hope, and we can do the same for yours.

One of the many benefits of choosing Liahona Academy over some of the boarding schools for boys in Minnesota is that we are located in Utah. Just a short drive or plane ride away from Minnesota, Utah gives boys a chance to start over and get away form their old habits and reputations. Also, Utah has some of the strictest laws in the nation on how teen programs must operate and so you can feel comfortable that your son is in good hands because of how well we meet those strict standards. It's just one more reason to consider Liahona Academy over other Minnesota boarding schools.

Benefits of Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens in Minnesota

Therapeutic boarding schools, just like residential treatment centers, target helping troubled boys from Minnesota that struggle with emotional and behavioral issues, mental health challenges, school problems, and addiction. Anger, depression, anxiety, undiagnosed ADD/ADHD, bipolar, abuse trauma, oppositional defiant disorder, and much more can jeopardize even the best teen's future. While there are many short-term programs out there, like boot camps and wilderness camps, the most successful long-term solution is a residential treatment program or a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teensĀ from Minnesota.

Consider these benefits that boarding schools and treatment center for teen boys provide:

  • Personalized therapy sessions and group therapy sessions by licensed therapists
  • Academic instruction by licensed teachers
  • Personal development and leadership workshops
  • Nutrition and fitness counseling
  • Recreational therapy like sports, art, hiking, swimming, and music
  • Positive peer pressure to encourage behavior modification
  • Vocational and life skills training, which includes cooking, budgeting, and more
  • Community service in the local community

Troubled boys usually don't realize that there are serious issues in their life that need to be addressed and taken care of. Therefore, the rehabilitation process must be started by parents. Of course, a complete and lasting change cannot happen in teens, so that's why boarding schools and treatment centers are ideal. Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers like Liahona Academy greatly benefit troubled teens because theĀ programs are dedicated to instilling lasting change and giving teens a brighter outlook on their future.

Problems With Teens Who Don't Get Help from Boarding Schools and Treatment Programs in Minnesota

When teenagers act out because of behavioral issues, their actions are often risky and can cause real harm to themselves or others. Without professional treatment and therapy, teen behavior can even result in trouble at school or with law enforcement. Provided below are some sobering statistics on what some troubled teens in Minnesota are doing:

  • Alcohol use: 18.1% of Minnesota teens abuse alcohol and 12.9% are binge drinking
  • Drug use: Marijuana use in Minnesota teens is 8.1% and other illicit drug use is 10.6%
  • Juvenile arrests: In one year, 1,884 teen arrests involved property damage and 208 teen arrests were for violence
  • Suicide: Minnesota ranks 21st in the nation for teen suicides
  • Graduation rate: 77% teens obtain their high school diploma

It's hard as a parent to watch your teenager choose to ruin his future by engaging in risky behavior. Take the time to get him the professional help he needs and enroll him in a therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys in Minnesota and help him before it is too late to undo all the negative consequences. When your teen is in a safe and structured program like ours, he will start to change for the better.

Choose Liahona Academy Over Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Minnesota

As the parent of a troubled boy from Minnesota, you owe it to your family to really research and contact facilities such as therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment centers like Liahona Academy. Therapeutic boarding schools provide great results and have a good record of success. From the academics and the therapy to the social and recreational aspects, our program is second to none. We are currently helping troubled boys from Minnesota and around the country via extensive therapeutic programs and we would love for your son to join us.

Liahona Academy is the best place for troubled boys to heal from their issues and learn now to minimize challenges in life. Our professionally trained staff has hands on experience working with troubled teens and we're ready to guide them to more positive experiences in their personal lives. As soon as you are willing and ready to help your troubled boy just contact us to get more information.

To see what we can do for you, your son and your family, please call Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416

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