Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Boys From North Carolina

Therapeutic_Boarding_Schools_For_Troubled_Boys_From_North_Carolina_No parent wants to watch their teen face hash behavioral, emotional or mental health issues. Even worse is watching them jeopardize their schoolwork, jobs and relationships with friends and family members. When a teen's life is spiraling downward, what can parents do to intervene? Therapeutic boarding schools are an excellent option for troubled boys from North Carolina who are in need of extra help and interventions. Liahona Academy is a goal focused residential treatment center offering benefits similar to therapeutic boarding schools, targeting changing behavioral issues, emotional issues, family issues, and substance abuse issues.

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How Liahona Academy Can Help Your Teen Boy?

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center (similar to a therapeutic boarding school) for boys with more than 15 years of expertise helping teen boys heal and build a fine future. Some of the issues we help with include ADD/ADHD, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, oppositional defiant disorder, bipolar, abuse trauma and much more. Our caring staff knows just what to do to get boys to address their issues and teach them how to overcome their challenges and develop new coping skills. Our successful programs guide troubled teen boys on how to be successful in life.

Therapeutic boarding schools that specialize in helping troubled boys from North Carolina are not nearly as beneficial as Liahona academy. Since we are located in  Southern Utah, we offer a unique benefit to parents and teens. Each state enacts laws and regulations to monitor the operations of teen help programs. Utah is one of the most stringent areas in the nation when it comes to those laws, meaning that Liahona Academy must meet some of the country's highest standards. This gives parents peace of mind knowing that their teen is in the best hands.

Benefits of Therapeutic Schools for Troublesome Teenage Boys in North Carolina

When parents are unsure of how to help their struggling boy overcome their personal issues, a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center is one of the first places they turn to for solutions. Boarding schools provide a structured, safe place where teens can get a fresh start and receive in-depth assistance in exploring what's going on in their lives. Instead of viewing these boarding schools for your troubled boys in North Carolina as a last resort, they should be seen as a new beginning and a chance for troubled teens to successfully navigate toward adulthood.

Here are some of the therapeutic benefits that boarding schools for troublesome boys in North Carolina offer:

  • Top academics: License and certified teachers help teens acquire a high school diploma.
  • Quality therapy: Licensed and experienced therapists hold group and individual therapy sessions to get at the heart of each teen's struggles.
  • Recreational therapy: Teens need to have fun and develop new hobbies, so they can participate in a number of activities, like sports, music, drama, art, and even outdoor adventure activities.
  • Life skills: Teens learn to live wit a group in a dorm or family-style group home and take on chores like laundry, cooking and cleaning.
  • Relationship counseling: When teens are troubled enough to warrant time in a boarding school, they have often damaged family and friend relationships and don't know how to establish healthy ones. Boarding schools reach teens what healthy relationships look like and coach them on repairing and re-establishing them with others.

For troubled boys who have behavioral issues due to their current circumstances, professional assistance from experienced therapists change the course of each boy's life, from a troubled future with few options to one that is wide open to success. If you think that your son needs such intervention and deserves a chance at hope and healing, please consider Liahona Academy.

Issues That Boys in North Carolina Face Without Proper Intervention from Therapeutic Schools

When teens struggle with bad emotional, mental health or behavioral issues, they often turn to behavior that is harmful or even illegal. Sometimes they do it to fit in with peers, or dull the pain an anger they feel. No matter what issue they are struggling with, teens often find the appeal of risky behavior is something they have a hard time walking away from. Below are some of the behaviors that North Carolina teens often struggle with:

  • Alcohol use: 14.3% of North Carolina teens struggle with alcohol abuse and 8.9% are binge drinkers.
  • Drug use: Recorded Marijuana abuse among North Carolina teens is 7.4% and use of illicit drugs is at 5.7%.
  • Juvenile arrests: Juvenile arrests in North Carolina for 2008 include 1,615 property crime arrests , 305 arrests for violent crimes, 458 arrests for drug abuse and 197 arrests for weapon violations.
  • Suicide: North Carolina ranks 4th in the nation for teen suicides.
  • Graduation rates: North Carolina only has a 78% high school graduation rate.

In a residential school, teens are supervised and safe from all the opportunities they have at home to participate in this risky behavior. Plus, they are receiving therapy to overcome the hurt, pain and frustration they feel that drives them to this behavior. No parent wishes to see their child end up as part of a statistic, so if you are worried about your son, then think about getting him enrolled in Liahona Academy.

Our Academy Is The Best Choice Over Other Therapeutic Boarding Schools in North Carolina

When it comes to helping troubled teen boys, Liahona Academy has an excellent success rate. proven to help. We have discovered that troubled teens that experience our program walk away with higher grade and school performances, higher hopes for the future and higher self-esteem. They eventually gain the confidence to be able to handle a difficult situation when it presents itself without assistance.

Liahona Academy can help your troubled boy from North Carolina to better understand and handle his behavior issue. As parents who have struggled with healing their troubled teen for extensive periods of time and can’t seem to help, you will be pleased to know that our staff and faculty have been trained to help. The professionals at Liahona Academy will give your child the support they need to learn how to better cope with their personal struggles. We also provide excellent education programs to help your struggling boy learn to excel academically without allowing behavior, emotional, family, or substance abuse issues get in the way.

Liahona Academy is focused on helping you and your troubled boy from North Carolina understand the many benefits of a residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school. For more details call 1-855-587-1416 now.

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