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Are you an Oregon parent who has noticed your teenage son's emotional, mental health or behavioral issues worsen over time? If you are worried that his current level of professional help isn't enough to stop some of the frightening behavior you are witnessing, then it may be time to consider residential treatment or therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys in Oregon. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center (similar to a therapeutic boarding school) for troubled teens from Oregon and all over the country, and with more than 15 years of experience, we know what it takes to help boys overcome their challenges and get the therapy and guidance they need.

For more information on Liahona Academy and how we may be able to help your troubled teenage son with emotional, behavioral and mental illness issues, please call 1-855-587-1416 today.

Why Liahona Academy?

Not all therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens are alike. Besides having a range of treatment philosophies, different schools offer different methods of therapeutic and academic involvement. Liahona Academy's program incorporates all the elements that troubled boys need to identify their issues, then work to overcome them. Other programs like wilderness camps and boot camps may seem like the right answer to your teen's problems, but these are generally too short to make a lasting difference, generally 2 to 4 months. Therapeutic boarding schools run from 9 to 12 months, and the long-term treatment translates into long-term success.

Liahona Academy is just a short drive or flight from Oregon. Each state has enacted laws that regulate the teen help programs within their borders, and some states are much more strict than others. Ours has some of the toughest regulations and laws that monitor the teen help industry in the whole country, so you can feel comfortable that Liahona Academy not only meets but exceeds these high standards.

Benefits of Schools For Troubled Boys in Oregon and Elsewhere

Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers should be considered for troubled boys from Oregon that are seeking help for any number of behavior issues. Most schools have lots of experience in dealing with a range of teen issues, like depression, anger, bipolar, abandonment issues, ADD/ADHD, substance abuse, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, poor self-esteem and more. These issues can really affect how teen boys do in school, at home and as they go through adolescence. The support and structure they can get at an Oregon boarding school is one of the best ways out there that teens can overcome their issues and learn new and healthier ways of dealing with challenges.

Therapeutic boarding schools have several components that parents like you should look for:

  •         Group and individual therapy sessions
  •         Academic instruction
  •         Licensed therapists, teachers and staff
  •         Daily behavior checks and evaluations
  •         Family or group-style living arrangements
  •         Leadership and character development courses
  •         Fitness and nutrition component
  •         Recreational therapy that includes outdoor recreation and adventure sports
  •         Traditional extracurricular activities like sports, drama, art, and music
  •         Life skills that teach how to eventually live independent, like budgeting, cooking, laundry and more
  •         Service projects that help others and improve the community.

Liahona Academy is an successful residential treatment center for troubled boys from Oregon that provides a great experience for teen boys. An all boys school also offers advantages in that there are fewer distractions from social status and dating, and all learning can be presented in a ways that boys best respond to.

Issues Faced By Teens Who Don't Go To Oregon Boarding Schools

There are plenty of problems that teen boys face today, and engaging in risky behavior is one of the most troubling for parents. When you see your teen son making bad choices, hanging with troublesome friends and endangering himself and others, it's hard to sit by and not do anything. Teens who don't get professional help for their issues may end up in trouble at school, with the law or worse.

Here are just a few of the risky behaviors that Oregon teens might get involved in:

  •        Alcohol use: 19% of adolescents regularly drink alcohol and binge drinking is 12.3% of teens in the state
  •        Illicit drug use: 12.4% of teens in Oregon experiment with illicit drugs monthly.
  •        Juvenile crime: There are approximately 1,900 arrests for property crime in Oregon.
  •        Graduation rate: Oregon has a 68% high school graduation rate.
  •        Suicide: Oregon ranks 33rd in the nation for suicides of teenagers

While not all teen boys with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues will engage in risky behavior, the frustrations and difficulties they have in managing their conditions often make it easy for them to do so. As a parent, you can intervene in your teen's life before it is too late and get your child some professional therapy in a boarding school or residential treatment setting. Liahona Academy accepts boys from all over the country, not just Oregon, an gives them the tools for success.

Choose Liahona Academy Over Oregon Boarding Schools

Troubled boys from Oregon who struggle have a hard time understanding why specific things are happening in their lives and therefore battle to find ways to react, resulting in negative behavior. At Liahona Academy we understand how this level of confusion and acting out highly affects your whole family. Your troubled child can really benefit from a therapeutic boarding school or treatment program like ours, and he will respond well to the many programs we offer.

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center (similar to a therapeutic boarding school) designed specifically to help your child learn to overcome his personal struggles. Our safe environment lets kids discover how to overcome their challenges. Above all, our ultimate goal is to make each troubled boy feel loved and supported, while our licensed therapists assist them in learning how to handle each difficult situation in the correct ways. Liahona Academy is a great treatment center for troubled boys from Oregon and we are well equipped to help your teen get his life on track. For more information on therapeutic boarding schools and Liahona Academy call 1-855-587-1416 today.

Parents With Troubled Boys From Oregon Seek Treatment From Therapeutic Boarding Schools in the Following Cities:

Portland, Eugene, Roseburg, West Linn, Salem, Gresham, Hillsboro, Medford, Altamont, Springfield, Bend, Corvallis, Woodburn, Tualatin,  Aloha, Albany, Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Keizer, McMinnville, Oregon City, Tigard, Grants Pass, Roseburg, Altamont, West Linn, and Ashland

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