Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys in Tennessee

If you are worried about your teenage son’s behavior and nothing you have tried seems to be helping, there are solutions for you. Hundreds of Tennessee families dealing with struggling boys have turned to therapeutic boarding schools when outpatient efforts have failed for intensive and effective help. Many teen help facilities create a milieu setting which addresses each student's unique set of issues as well as the challenges and strengths that they have acquired to battle prior to enrolling. These programs also assist the family in making changes that support each teen boy's growth. Liahona Academy is an ideal option that parents throughout the country have trusted for almost two decades. We are specially designed to provide struggling boys with the care they need to overcome their issues.

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Therapeutic Boarding Schools Can Help Boys From Tennessee Thrive

Therapeutic boarding schools provide a unique environment for Tennessee troubled boys to begin working on their issues because they are specifically created to provide with therapeutic care as well as academic opportunities and social training. Some of the advantages we offer at Liahona Academy include:

  • Licensed and experienced therapists and counselors
  • One on one attention for each boy every day, based on his personalized plan of care.
  • Accredited academic courses where your son can work on repairing his GPA, keeping up with his class at home, developing good study habits and even preparing for college.
  • A wide variety of therapeutic interventions that range from traditional talk therapy sessions to the more hands on solutions that appeal to adolescents such as recreation, music and art.
  • Our location means that we are subject to some of the safest and best regulations and laws in the entire country.
  • A warm, family style environment where teens practice the kinds of responsibilities and communication that they can use to their benefit when they return home.
  • Guidance and training for families to ensure that they are a part of their boy’s healing process and are sufficiently prepared to help him maintain his progress at home.

Liahona Academy Can Help Your Troubled Boy Turn His Life Around

We know that if you have reached the point of looking for full time help for your son, you have probably tried everything. We want to remind you that although it is not unusual to feel discouraged that your efforts haven’t resulted in better changes, some teens are simply too triggered and distracted in their home environments to be able to focus on getting to the bottom of their behavior much less taking effective steps to cope and communicate better. Liahona Academy - a residential treatment center - provides an environment that is loving and supportive while also being structured and consistent. Because we are able to eliminate so many of the temptations that home and traditional school provide, boys are finally able to focus on making positive changes and fixing the things that really matter. We share your goal to see your son improve and gain the skills he needs to cope with day to day challenges and move confidently toward becoming a successful adult.

We have spent almost 20 years perfecting a program that gives troubled boys a fresh start and helps them develop the self-confidence to succeed. Through a variety of new experiences and opportunities for teamwork and leadership, we can help your boy become the caring and contributing young man that you know he can be.

If you are considering full time help for your son, we invite you to call us today for a free consultation. We have been privileged to work with families from Tennessee and throughout the country and help them get their families back on track. We know that we can help you take those crucial steps toward putting your family back on track as well.

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We Have Helped Troubled Teens In Cities Throughout Tennessee, Including:

Knoxville, Jackson, Chattanooga, Nashville, Johnson, Memphis, Clarksville, Franklin Bartlett, Brentwood, Cleveland, Kingsport, Hendersonville, Columbia, Cookeville, Germantown, Collierville, La Vergne, Smyrna, Gallatin, Oak Ridge, Lebanon, Maryville, Spring Hill, Bristol, Mount Juliet, Morristown, Farragut, Tullahoma, Shelbyville, East Ridge

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