Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Boys In Texas

If you are a parents of a troubled boy in Texas, then you may be searching for some kind of professional treatment that can help your son. While there are many options in the teen help industry, like boot camps and wilderness camps, the program with long-lasting effects and a high success rate is a residential treatment center or a therapeutic boarding school.

Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys in Texas provide a residential experience with therapy and academics to help youth with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center (similar to a therapeutic boarding school) with a long track record of success, and is currently accepting boys from Texas and across the country.

For more information about Liahona Academy or to speak to an enrollment counselor, please call us at 1-855-587-1416.

Why Liahona Academy?

When it comes to helping troubled teens transition from adolescence to adulthood, therapeutic programs like Liahona Academy can be seen either as a last resort or a fresh start. We choose to believe that every teen boy deserves a second chance and that everyone can chance for the better. The trained professionals at Liahona Academy have helped hundreds of teenage boys overcome their particular challenges and find success in their personal, social and academic lives. We know that when a teenage boy can’t succeed in a traditional junior high or high school, it’s time to send him to us. In a safe, structured environment, he will be able to overcome his challenges and start a path toward a brighter future.

One advantage of Liahona Academy over boarding schools in Texas is that our location provides some of the highest operating standards in the country. Different states have enacted laws and regulations about how teen help facilities operate. Some states are very lax while others are extremely strict. We have some of the toughest regulations and laws in the country, so all teen help facilities in the state must meet or exceed these high standards. Liahona Academy has been helping teens for more than a decade, so you can rest assured that your son is in a successful, high quality residential treatment center.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Give Help to Troubled Boys in Texas

Therapeutic schools are long-term treatment options for teens in Texas that are suffering from behavioral and mental health issues. Some of the more common challenges that teens face include ADD/ADHD, abuse trauma, bipolar, depression, anxiety, ODD, drug or substance abuse, poor self-esteem, problems with authority figures, anger and aggression, just to name a few.

These boarding schools not only provide therapeutic treatment for troubled boys in Texas, but also an great academics program and a social/recreational program. It's these kinds of long-term facilities that help teens get back on track rebuild their lives at their own pace.

Here are just a few of the things that therapeutic programs for troubled teens in Texas have to offer:

  1.    Constant Supervision. These types of schools make sure that teens are busy, productive and working together toward common goals. Teens have no time to get into trouble or avoid facing their personal challenges.
  2.    Frequent Therapy. When boys are at school, they get both individual and group therapy sessions from licensed therapists and counselors. The goal is to identify each teen's specific challenge, then work on how to overcome them.
  3.    Focused Academics. Generally, troubled teens are not doing well in traditional schools, so boarding schools use certified teachers in smaller classrooms to get students up to grade level, repair credits and work toward a high school diploma.

Other areas that therapeutic boarding schools and similar residential treatment programs focus on for troubled boys in Texas are leadership, social skills, life skills and how to have healthy relationships with peers and family. Teens will soon realize their potential and start to set goals for their future. Boarding schools provide lots of opportunities to develop character and skills so they can successfully transition from teen to adult.

Issues Teens Face Who Don't Get Help From Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Texas

One of the most frightening things about being the parent of a troubled teenager is that you must watch them make bad choices and behave in an out of control way when they engage in risky behavior. Unlike a boarding school, where a teen's schedule is packed with classes and activities, teens without much supervision or who desire to behave badly, can get into real trouble with school or the law. Sometimes their risky behaviors can even cause harm to themselves or others.

Check out a few examples of Texas teens and their risky behavior:

  •        Graduation rate: Only 86% of Texas teens graduate from high school
  •        Suicide: Texas ranks 31st in the nation for teen suicides
  •        Drug use: Marijuana use in Texas teens is 5.6% and other illicit drug use is 5.2%
  •        Alcohol use: 16.4% of Texas teens drink alcohol
  •        Binge drinking: 9.5% of Texas teens binge drink
  •        Juvenile arrests: There are more than 1,18 arrests for property crime annually

Texas teens who don't receive professional help for their emotional, mental health, and behavioral issues often turn to risky behavior to deal with their troubled. A boarding school's main focus is to help them deal with their issues in a healthy and supportive way. Through therapy, sports, nutrition, positive peer influence, physical fitness, and behavior modification programs, teen boys in Texas can move in a more positive direction.

Choose Liahona Academy Over Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Texas

Liahona Academy is a viable choice for parents in Texas who want to get the best help possible for their troubled teen sons. We provide an environment that is safe and structured, where troubled boys who are ages 12 through 17 can focus on themselves and get away from all the negative influences that only add to their troubles. Troubled teens will find helpful intervention from Liahona Academy. Troubled boys from Texas not only do better with therapy, but they will increase their grade point averages, self-esteem, and their goals for the future. They also gain confidence in their ability to handle conflict when it presents itself.

For more information on Liahona Academy and how we help troubled boys from Texas, please call us today at 1-855-587-1416.

Cities in Texas where Parents of Troubled Boys Have Searched for Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Houston, Killeen, Dallas, San Antonio, Odessa, Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, Wichita Falls, Corpus Christi, Tyler, Plano, Pasadena, Garland, Lubbock, Irving, Mesquite, Laredo, Amarillo, Grand Prairie, Abilene, Arlington, Beaumont, Carrollton, Waco, McAllen, Brownsville, Midland, Richardson, San Angelo,


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