Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys in Virginia

Are you the parent of a troubled teenage boy looking for therapeutic boarding schools in Virginia? Are you frustrated, worried and don't know where to turn? Once you've decided that it is time to consider a therapeutic program, you are one step closer to getting your troubled teen the help he needs. Liahona Academy is a successful all boys residential treatment center (similar to a therapeutic boarding school) for troubled boys in Virginia and across the country. Our unique program gets kids the therapy, academic support and social skills they need to thrive again.

Please call us at 1-855-587-1416 today to find out how Liahona Academy can turn troubled teen boys from struggling to successful.

Why Liahona Academy?

Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers are some of the best treatment options for troubled boys from Virginia. They provide a safe, supportive environment where teen boys get therapy regularly, live in structured group settings and benefit from mentors and positive peer pressure. Liahona Academy is a top school with a long history of success. We abide by some of the strictest laws in the country that regulate the teen help industry, so you know that your teen son is in an excellent facility. With 15 years of experience in helping troubled boys, our all boys treatment center is the right choice.

Benefits of Our School for Troubled Boys in Virginia

Liahona Academy is dedicated to helping your struggling teen overcome his behavioral issues, emotional issues, family issues, substance abuse issues and mental health issues. Whether your teen suffers from depression, bipolar, anxiety, poor self-esteem, ADD/ADHD, eating disorders, anger issues or abuse trauma, our licensed and qualified staff members are ready to provide help and support to boys ages 12-17, however it is needed.

Take a closer look at what Liahona Academy is all about:

  •         Group and individual therapy sessions with licensed and experienced therapists
  •         Academic courses taught by licensed teachers to motivate boys to earn a high school diploma
  •         Physical fitness and nutrition programs
  •         Leadership training and positive peer pressure workshops
  •         Personal development seminars
  •         Recreational therapy that includes swimming, hiking, fishing and camping
  •         Life skills and vocational training to help boys transition from adolescence to adulthood
  •         Community involvement via service projects and fundraisers

Our experienced and qualified staff members know what it takes to rehabilitate a troubled teen and they believe every kid deserves a chance to turn bad habits into good ones and get their lives turned around. We won't give up on your teen son, and encourage you to send him to Liahona Academy.

Tough Issues Teens Face Without Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Virginia

When teens with behavioral, emotional or mental health issues don't receive appropriate health, they could start engaging in at-risk behaviors that can compound their problems and significantly affect their future.

Many people are worried about these sobering at-risk teen statistics in Virginia:

  •        High school graduation: Nearly 18% of high school students in Virginia don't graduate.
  •        ADD/ADHD: Around 10.2% of Virginia children and teens are diagnosed each year, with unknown numbers going undiagnosed.
  •        Juvenile arrests: Arrest rates for Virginia teens include 142 for violent crime, 865 for property crime, 351 for drug abuse and 72 for weapons violations.
  •        Substance abuse: 16% of Virginia teens use alcohol and 10% are binge drinkers. Marijuana use among Virginia teens is 6.3% and illicit drug use is 4.9%.
  •        Suicide: In the nation, Virginia ranks 41st in teen suicides.

Having behavioral, mental health or emotional issues, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, can lead to at-risk behavior and bigger troubles. Instead of choosing a therapeutic boarding school in Virginia, choose a treatment option that has a unique program, proven success and qualified staff members. Liahona Academy can help your troubled boy correct these issues so he can function better and steer clear of troublesome activities.

Liahona Academy is a Better Option Than Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Virginia

Troubled boys from Virginia often have a hard time getting lasting, long-term help in overcoming their behavioral issues. Now is the time to open the door to help and healing for your troubled boy by enrolling him at Liahona Academy. Our staff members are able to build relationships with your teen to help carry them through our programs. the goal is always to return teens home to their families, better and healthier than when they came to us. Our high success rates and heartfelt testimonials say it all, that Liahona Academy is a better option than boarding schools for troubled boys in Virginia.

We are ready and waiting to help restore your family back to normal. Call us today at 1-855-587-1416 for more information on Liahona Academy.

Parents of Troubled Boys in Virginia Seek Treatment From Therapeutic Boarding Schools in the Following Cities:

Charlottesville, Tuckahoe, Dale City, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chantilly, Centreville, Harrisonburg, Chesapeake, Richmond, Hampton, Manassas, Alexandria, Newport News, Portsmouth, Roanoke, Reston, Annandale, Danville, Lynchburg, Blacksburg, McLean, and Arlington.


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